Nashville SC

Club & Country Podcast presented by ML Rose: US Open slash Bourbon Cup

Welcome to the Club & Country podcast, presented by ML Rose! It’s a solo show, but Tim is joined by guest Vince Irvin of the Scuffed Monday Review to provide insight on his hometown team, Louisville City.

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  • EARLY SHOUT: 2:34
    • Nashville SC gives up a game-tying goal
    • How has NSC performed in matches with a weather delay?
    • What’s the scoreboard in this rivalry match?
    • Diego Rubio?
    • William Yarbrough?
    • Colorado?
    • Altitude make you slow?
    • Vince Irvin, contributor to the Scuffed Podcast, Louisville City expert: 11:48
    • What to expect from Louisville City on Wednesday
    • Where the Purple squad fits in the US Soccer landscape
  • MAILBAG: 28:32
    • Joe Willis’s rocky patch
    • Is Nashville a little too old to take this portion of the season in stride?
    • Officiating in America

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