Nashville SC

The GIFening: Alan Winn 2019 reel

Nashville SC recently signed four players to its MLS side after they suited up for the USL team in 2019. That means there are GIFs. Last but certainly not least (indeed: by a wide margin, most) comes winger Alan Winn.

winnshot.2019-11-07 11_11_18
Juuuuust a bit outside
winnshot.2019-11-07 11_10_08
Alas, probably NSC’s best chance in the Indy Eleven playoff game.
winnhackshaw.2019-11-07 11_09_02
These posts have the good and the bad: this one is Winn totally unable to beat Neveal Hackshaw (not that there’s a ton of shame in that: Hackshaw is great).
winn long range.2019-10-31 18_52_01
Give it that first-time rip.
winn endline run.2019-10-31 18_46_04
Very good chance creation, finished product in process (for both Winn and his teammates).
winn ankle breaker.2019-10-31 18_44_14
“And they say if you listen closely on a quiet October night, you can still hear the ghost of AJ Paterson walking off the field at First Tennessee Park.”
EFFORT.2019-10-29 14_17_30
Get u a man who can make defenders quit the sport in the middle of a play.
Not known for his defense, this is a great recovery run.
winnopen.2019-09-27 11_42_41
To me, a foul.
winnblockedsaved.2019-09-27 11_44_01
Winn got more comfortable finding and taking shots as the year went on. Confidence to place them accurately comes next.
winnshot.2019-09-25 12_58_13
See what I’m sayin’?
winndribble.2019-09-25 12_53_34
Lol bye.
lmaonoyellow.2019-09-25 12_32_38
This defender not only commits an obvious yellow-card foul, but then also grabs the ball away from the feet of the offensive player with his hand. Wasn’t whistled for either infraction, IIRC.
goodcounter.2019-09-25 12_18_00
Vision + Speed
winntech.2019-09-13 16_27_55
“Just taaaap it in(bounds)”
Era penal.
Are we skiing moguls? Never got a ton of clarity on the celebration here.
My ball.
wingoal.2019-08-01 16_19_03
The better times. The “beating Indy” times.
Put on low heat spin cycle, with like colors.
Critics agree: “A fast man!”
So do Memphis defenders tbqh
winntorios.2019-07-04 11_21_25
A nice first-time tap to Ríos.
winnnice.2019-07-04 11_14_46
The first touch and the cutback are good, to me.
winnfouled.2019-07-04 11_18_28
That’s a foul.
Just so good at getting endline and around that last (non-Hackshaw) defender.
Sweep the leg.
Same play as immediately above: he created the chance with speed and opportunism.
winnweave.2019-05-21 12_57_13
winntech.2019-05-21 13_10_36
I know it’s basically the same clip as like 20 others, but we’re establishing a theme here.
Slick give-and-go, again slightly better work on the finishing needed.
winnfoul.2019-05-21 13_16_57
A little forearm shiver.
Run in behind, young man.
16Winnearns.2019-04-22 19_42_29
That’s a pen.


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