Nashville SC

The GIFening: Taylor Washington 2019 reel

Nashville SC recently signed four players to its MLS side after they suited up for the USL team in 2019. That means there are GIFs. Third in alphabetical order is a favorite of the site: left back Taylor Washington.

washington backheel.2019-10-31 18_42_42
#chant_suggestions: Something that boils down to “Tim is a sucker for a good backheel.”
taylor slide and cross.2019-10-31 18_39_04
The slide, the cross.
washington to moloto.2019-10-25 14_21_58
Lebo is certainly the star of this one, but Washington makes the goal happen.
washot.2019-10-25 14_19_47
Didn’t quite get rewarded here, but did force a tough save.
A happy man.
Washignton is fast
NSHgoal1.2019-10-16 17_49_48
Ríos.2019-08-28 08_12_16
Threadin’ the needle
washninjaton.2019-06-20 10_52_03
A physical game, in three acts. I
washingtondive.2019-05-11 10_22_32
washfoul.2019-05-11 12_03_40
Eating space and crossing into the box will be a major feature at the next level, too.

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