Nashville SC

Triple GIFening: Charlotte, New York, Charleston

It’s been a little while since we’ve had one of these posts, yeah? Let’s let ’em rip all at once. I didn’t comb the broadcast as fine-toothedly (it’s a word now, deal with it) as usual, in attempt to get this done, but there are still plenty of big moments to memorialize.

Charlotte Independence 1-3 Nashville SC

Ríos.2019-08-28 08_19_37
Issa goal
Ríos.2019-08-28 08_13_55
TFW you spot Clay in the stands
Bang bang
CLT.2019-08-30 07_54_00
This is a very good save.
Bleh. Ockford’s stuck in no-man’s land, forcing Tribbett to defend two guys.
penalty taken
That’s a pen. I don’t think anyone’s super-concerned about it, but leaving both feet and using the scissor-kick to bring him down probably should have been a card, too.

Nashville SC 1-2 New York Red Bulls II

lassored.2019-08-21 20_35_59
And the Academy Award goes to…
Tribbett 4 Prez.
Washington’s gotta be quicker to react here (and probably try to stick a foot on the ball to prevent the shot, not go for the flying block).
I do not know what Kosuke Kimura is doing here. With NYRBII’s line that high, Tribbett probably has to sink deep faster, as well.
Easy finish, and like three different players would have had a good shot at a tap-in.
Bigtime save from Sparrow.
The simple times. The happy times. The going ahead 1-0 times.

Nashville SC 2-1 Charleston Battery

I read places where this was described as not that impressive, which, uh, no.
The wider view.
CHS2.2019-08-30 08_34_08
Akinyode loses the runner pretty badly, but Ockford and Tribbett can’t get split like that, and at the end of it all it still takes…
…whatever this save attempt is by Matt Pickens to result in a goal.
If Tribbett’s gonna leave his feet here, he can’t let Lewis still come away with the ball. Important-ass save by LaGrassa.
The goal that wasn’t (but should have been).
Ropapa’s goal was nice. Probably not actually off Ropapa’s head, though.
NSC owned the space in-behind the fullbacks in the first half, but couldn’t finish.


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