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The Wrap: Charleston Battery 3-1 Nashville SC

Welcome to The Wrap, wherein I recap the content from last week’s Nashville SC game.

Local content

Game story:

There was a bit of shakeup in the starting lineup, with fan favorite Bradley Bourgeois seeing his first action of the season at right centerback while Ken Tribbett – who had played every minute of the regular season prior to this evening – watched from the bench. The Battery made an even bigger change, opting to go with a 3-4-3 formation rather than the 4-2-3-1 they’d used in their first five outings.

However, even a bit of a refresh for Nashville (and playing against a formation in which the opponent wasn’t well-drilled this year) wasn’t enough to give NSC the juice it needed to take a road result.

The game column:

Smith is ready to say everyone should be fighting to hold onto a job after a poor performance front-to-back.

“I would expect as a player anyone that played today should be concerned about their place in the team,” he said. “There is no way a team of this caliber should be conceding three goals. I have to say I am bitterly disappointed with the way we conducted ourselves.

The voting post for your community ratings, and here are the results (I’m slightly changing up the order they’re presented, for what it’s worth. Instead of going in formation order back-to-front and left-to-right after MOTM, it’ll be by grade within position groups, with subs counting as a separate position group):

  • Man of the match: M Matt LaGrassa: 6.18
    • “The best player for us”
  • GK Matt Pickens: 6.00
  • D Darnell King: 6.09
  • D Liam Doyle: 5.82
  • D Justin Davis: 5.55 Community comment:
    • He had his moments
  • D Bradley Bourgeois: 5.18
  • M Kharlton Belmar: 5.45
  • M Michael Reed: 5.18 Community comments:
    • Passing was consistently disappointing
    • A mediocre game and no leadership
  • M Lebo Moloto: 4.54 Community comment:
    • “When will people get off the Moloto band wagon?”
  • F Daniel Ríos: 5.91 Community comment:
    • “5 goals in 6 games, not bad”
  • F Tucker Hume: 4.82
  • M/F Alan Winn: 5.64
  • M/F Ropapa Mensah: 5.09
  • F Cameron Lancaster: 5.00
  • Head coach Gary Smith: 4.00
    • “No creativity and no adjustments”
  • Overall team rating: 4.27 Community comments:
    • “🙈”
    • “Oof”

The GIFening, now with your GIF of the game (as voted upon by the readers):

Untitled.2019-04-22 19_48_10

The Graphical:

 Indeed, if you take into account how many touches in the box NSC had, it’s a wonder they were unable to be more productive.

Here are touches and shots, broken down by game state:


That’s 35 touches in the box (despite a Charleston gameplan specifically designed to avoid those, about which more in a moment), including 10 shots.

Perhaps there’s a lesson about finishing or having the confidence to pull the trigger in there – certainly after last year, it’s something you’d worry about – but in aggregate, it’s also a lesson about bad luck. It sucks, but sometimes it happens.

From the film room Broke down the first Charleston goal, noting the individual and collective mistakes that had to come together, with a stunning finish still necessary to make it matter:

Largely, the two biggest mistakes on the play are things that are going to happen from time to time: Lebo Moloto is a good dribbler, but bound to over-dribble and turn it over occasionally, and offensive-minded midfielders are going to get caught ball-watching from time to time. However, the exacerbating factor of Charleston’s unexpected formation isn’t likely to come up again.

Take care of the individual stuff, rinse your hands of that game, and move forward.


Local news coverage in Charleston. USA Today Network – Tennessee game (very) briefSpeedway game story. Their chalkboard and player ratings.


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