Nashville SC

The GIFening: Charleston Battery 3-1 Nashville SC

Nashville SC’s foray into the Palmetto State… did not go well. Here are some of the best GIFs from the game. Be sure to go scroll all the way to the bottom to vote for the best one.

01lebofoul.2019-04-22 18_43_02
Lebo Moloto commits an early foul
02chance.2019-04-22 18_45_22
Belmar’s cross just a bit behind Moloto and he can’t put it on frame.
03CHSgoal.2019-04-22 18_50_00
Jarad van Schaik’s strike
05CHSheaderwide.2019-04-22 18_51_36
A corner goes just wide for Charleston
06bourgeoisyellow.2019-04-22 18_53_12
Bradley Bourgeois with a tactical foul on the keeper
07MolototoBelmar.2019-04-22 18_56_20
Moloto’s cross was on-frame (and should have been recorded as a shot, given it drew a save), but Belmar’s follow-up is blocked
08Reedyellow.2019-04-22 18_58_34
TBH Michael Reed got his money’s worth on this yellow card.
10riosshotblocked.2019-04-22 19_11_58
Daniel Ríos strikes from distance, but it’s deflected.
11CHSgoal2.2019-04-22 19_23_44
Charleston’s second goal. Look for a film room in the coming days.
12Mensahshot.2019-04-22 19_27_30
Ropapa be shootin’
13CHSgoal3.2019-04-22 19_30_23
Second incredible strike from van Schaik.
14pickensmegsave.2019-04-22 19_37_58
Always cover the five-hole
15JDyellow.2019-04-22 19_40_44
Speaking of getting one’s money-worth on a yellow card.
16Winnearns.2019-04-22 19_42_29
Alan Winn draws the penalty
17Riosscores.2019-04-22 19_45_04
Ríos puts it home
18Bourgeoisslide.2019-04-22 19_09_45
Athletic tackle from Bradley Bourgeois at the death of the game.
Untitled.2019-04-22 19_48_10
“Let me take it.” “Hey, you got the next one, bro.”

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