Nashville SC

The GIFening: Nashville SC dominates Ottawa Fury

Nashville SC took home a huge win Saturday afternoon. See the #scenes here.

belmarcrossbar.2019-04-10 16_29_26
Kharlton Belmar barely misses his first of the year
The kids say this is a thing
humegoal.2019-04-10 16_35_27
Here’s how Hume earned the thing.
JDheader1-ALSOFORFILM.2019-04-10 16_39_57
Justin Davis alllllllmost finds net
molotofoul.2019-04-10 16_42_51
Lebo Moloto alllllmost finds red
When the boys see you stroll into the room
riosgoal1.2019-04-10 16_54_01
Le chip
riosgoal2.2019-04-10 16_57_45
Rebound volleys for days
Both posts is like a double-negative and the goal counts, yeah?
sparrowsave.2019-04-10 17_06_38
Connor Sparrow’s only action of the day

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