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The Wrap: New York Red Bulls II 1-1 Nashville SC

Welcome to The Wrap, wherein I recap the content from last week’s Nashville SC game.

Local content

Halftime reset and game story.

The voting post for the Community Ratings, and here are your results:

  • Man of the match: F Daniel Ríos (80 minutes): 8.00
  • GK Connor Sparrow: 7.50. Community comments:
    • “Some highlight reel saves, but also gave it all away with a failed scoop that was rebounded and saved by the post.”
    • That late spill was almost pain inducing.”
    • Other than one mistake, he was great.”
  • D Justin Davis: 6.25
  • D Liam Doyle: 7.13
  • D Ken Tribbett: 6.38. Community comment:
    • “Not a troll score. Tribbett’s ridiculous header to Sparrow almost cost us the entire match.” Worth noting that this was a “2” score, by far the lowest he received.
  • D Kosuke Kimura: 6.50
  • M Michael Reed: 6.63
  • M Vinnie Vermeer (29 minutes): 5.13. Community comment:
    • “Bad decision making, overly aggressive, and injured himself fouling the opponent”
  • M Lebo Moloto (69 minutes): 5.75. Community comments:
    • I’ve yet to see a game where I said ‘it’s a good thing Moloto is in the Starting XI'”
    • “(Also NICE on minutes)” 
  • M Matt LaGrassa: 6.38
  • Winger Kharlton Belmar: 6.38
  • M Bolu Akinyode (29′): 6.75
  • Winger Alan Winn (65′): 6.63
  • F Cameron Lancaster (76′): 6.00
  • Head coach Gary Smith: 5.50. Community comment:
    • “Something isn’t right about what’s happening between games. The players look lost. There’s no vision or awareness of the players surroundings. The lack of discipline is a coaching issue, plain and simple. I’m not convinced Gary Smith knows how to take talent to the next level.”
  • Overall: 6.38

Postgame presser with video. Game column with quotes from the press conference:

Ríos is looking for his side to not only manage the lead, but extend it going forward.

“I think we need to manage the games better and if we score one goal, we need to score more goals,” he said. “We need to work more in the attacking, attacking players, and maybe work a little bit more with the second ball.

“That would give me confidence to score more goals.”

Photo gallery from the game. I named a fan of the match, because only one person traveled from Nashville to New Jersey for the game.

The Graphical looked at several statistical insights from the game, with an emphasis on Connor Sparrow having a different goalkeeping style than Matt Pickens.

That seemed to anecdotally be true during the preseason, but now there’s some #data after Sparrow’s first regular-season debut. Take a look at his heatmap from Sunday:


That’s a dude who’s comfortable all over his own box, and even leaving the penalty area, as well.

Much more in that post.

No GIFening this week only because I didn’t have the time to get it done.


Fan of the match had me on his podRed Bull News Network recap and three takeawaysSpeedway game story and player ratings. League website recap. Official NSC site game story. Ken Tribbett made the league’s Team of the Week.


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