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MLS Power Ratings: Matchdate 11

See some notes from Matchdate Six ratings to explain what goes into the numbers.

  • Yes, I’m aware that the ratings don’t match what the MLS Standings say. If you’re curious about those, visit major league soccer soccer dot com.
  • Game data comes from American Soccer Analysis‘s outstanding web app. You can see the full table here.
MD11TeamPOWER XGPOWER GHFA xGOffense xGDefense xG“Luck”
↔︎1Los Angeles Football Club1.710.890.420.99-0.72-0.82
↑12Vancouver Whitecaps FC0.580.12-0.570.34-0.24-0.46
↑13New York Red Bulls0.54-0.75-0.230.06-0.48-1.29
↑54San Jose Earthquakes0.430.081.940.38-0.05-0.35
↑25Minnesota United FC0.40-0.03-0.670.17-0.24-0.44
↑66Fußball Club Cincinnati0.370.42-0.590.35-0.020.05
↓57Seattle Sounders0.350.350.700.04-0.310.00
↑28Columbus Crew0.330.270.24-0.04-0.37-0.06
↑59Nashville SC0.250.38-0.04-0.22-0.470.13
↑310Philadelphia Union0.
↓611Atlanta United FC0.230.340.980.12-0.100.11
↓412Colorado Rapids0.18-0.230.72-0.05-0.24-0.41
↓213Los Angeles Galaxy0.15-0.850.580.650.49-1.00
↑214New York City FC0.130.190.17-0.05-0.180.06
↑315Toronto FC0.110.15-0.30-0.20-0.310.03
↓116New England Revolution-0.030.65-0.230.390.410.68
↓1117Chicago Fire-0.10-0.35-0.800.070.17-0.25
↓118Houston Dynamo-0.19-
↑119FC Dallas-0.230.08-1.31-
↑220Austin FC-0.24-0.55-0.83-0.190.05-0.32
↔︎21Sporting Kansas City-0.29-0.79-0.17-0.57-0.28-0.50
↓322St. Louis City SC-0.290.48-0.750.060.360.78
↔︎23Orlando City SC-0.35-0.25-0.07-0.050.300.09
↔︎24Portland Timbers FC-0.510.23-0.80-0.400.110.74
↔︎25DC United-0.520.04-0.32-
↔︎26Real Salt Lake-0.60-0.27-0.17-0.370.230.33
↔︎27Inter Miami CF-0.72-0.06-1.49-0.480.230.66
↔︎28Montreal Impact-0.870.000.62-0.690.170.87
↔︎29Charlotte FC-0.97-0.721.31-0.440.530.25

Some thoughts:

  • LAFC remains a buzzsaw, and considering that’s happened with CCL ongoing is all the more impressive. This is a deep team, but you have to think fatigue catches up at some point – especially since US Open Cup is added to the plate tonight.
  • Nashville up a fair amount, but Chicago Fire waaaaay down after what was by far the biggest xG pasting of the season to date – Nashville eclipsed the Fire by 4.26 expected goals, the previous high was Vancouver’s 3.34 margin in the 5-0 win over Montreal.
  • Speaking of Montreal: non… horrible? The xG numbers weren’t pretty against Orlando City, but the win was there, and at the very least, the Foot Club is pulling away from Charlotte FC in the xG category and isn’t really half-bad in the actual goals ranks, thanks to decent luck (game-states, goalkeeping, etc.)
  • The bottom seven remaining unchanged is pretty incredible, tbh.
  • New York Red Bulls have actually been quite good in xG terms, just awful in conversion. The goalkeeping has appeared to be pretty average, but the offense has converted extremely poorly. I don’t know if there’s a system issue at play, but certainly when you fire a coach whose team is underachieving solid xG numbers, historically you see the regression to the mean make the next guy look pretty good for a while. I’m buying short-term Red Bull stock.

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