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MLS Power Ratings: Matchdate 10

See some notes from Matchdate Six ratings to explain what goes into the numbers.

  • Yes, I’m aware that the ratings don’t match what the MLS Standings say. If you’re curious about those, visit major league soccer soccer dot com.
  • Game data comes from American Soccer Analysis‘s outstanding web app. You can see the full table here.
MD10TeamPOWER XGPOWER GHFA xGOffense xGDefense xG“Luck”
↔︎1Los Angeles Football Club1.590.850.220.86-0.73-0.74
↑12Seattle Sounders0.610.721.240.30-0.310.11
↑13Vancouver Whitecaps FC0.530.12-0.560.20-0.33-0.41
↑34New York Red Bulls0.47-0.72-0.48-0.04-0.51-1.19
↔︎5Atlanta United FC0.460.461.070.40-0.070.00
↓46Chicago Fire0.46-0.11-1.900.30-0.15-0.57
27Minnesota United FC0.380.10-0.490.06-0.32-0.28
↑38Colorado Rapids0.34-0.350.240.06-0.28-0.69
↓39San Jose Earthquakes0.320.051.750.320.00-0.27
↓210Columbus Crew0.280.310.26-0.02-0.300.03
↓111Los Angeles Galaxy0.20-0.630.540.720.52-0.84
↑212Fußball Club Cincinnati0.150.26-0.600.220.070.11
↓113Philadelphia Union0.15-0.051.300.13-0.02-0.20
↑114Nashville SC0.020.45-0.52-0.34-0.360.43
↑215New England Revolution-0.010.31-0.420.390.400.32
↓316New York City FC-0.020.410.68-0.18-0.160.43
↑217Houston Dynamo-
↑318Toronto FC-
↓319St. Louis City SC-0.240.54-0.720.190.420.78
↔︎20FC Dallas-0.26-0.05-1.39-
↓321Sporting Kansas City-0.31-1.02-0.09-0.53-0.22-0.71
↑622Austin FC-0.31-0.66-0.56-0.310.00-0.35
↑223Orlando City SC-0.42-0.010.24-0.030.390.41
↓124Portland Timbers FC-0.460.37-0.62-0.380.080.83
↑125DC United-0.490.13-0.81-0.350.150.62
↓426Real Salt Lake-0.70-0.34-0.07-0.370.330.36
↔︎27Inter Miami CF-0.71-0.01-1.45-0.360.350.71
↑128Montreal Impact-0.80-0.211.02-0.600.200.59
↓529Charlotte FC-0.82-0.871.57-0.400.43-0.04

Some thoughts:

  • LAFC remains far and away the Power Ratings leader in creation, and they’re making so much that their actual goals scored is rarely gonna catch up. They’re good enough to go flat-track on teams but not score when they’re already leading 2-0 or whatever.
  • I’ve been calling Atlanta a paper tiger and I still believe that. The adjusted numbers (which call them pretty good even after adjusting for one of the easiest schedules out there) have not convinced me otherwise. Of course, they’re a good example of where creation versus conversion can be relevant: because they have awful goalkeeping and have struggled to make good on their xG at times, they’ve run up gaudy numbers in 1-0 wins (NYRB) and draws (NYC).
  • Numbers still not kind to Nashville, which is somewhat a gamestate effect (they beat Atlanta 3-1 but barely edged the xG battle this weekend because goals 2 and 3 came on the counter while Atlanta wailed away with a number of low-xG chances). I would imagine it’ll equalize a bit over the course of the season.
  • LA Galaxy is your Exciting Game Champion, with a near-elite offense and an utterly terrible defense. FC Cincinnati, move aside, simply being below-average on D won’t cut it anymore.
  • Charlotte: welcome to the basement. Montreal thanks you for your service.

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