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Nashville SC and LGBT Chamber of Commerce to team up for PRIDE Night

From Club release:

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (June 1, 2022) – Nashville Soccer Club and the Nashville LGBT Chamber of Commerce will join forces to celebrate PRIDE Month by hosting the official Nashville SC PRIDE Night at GEODIS Park on Saturday, June 11, as the club takes on the San Jose Earthquakes at 5 p.m. CT. The event will highlight the LGBTQ+ community and raise funds in support of programming and advocacy initiatives focused on diversity, equity and inclusion.  

“To have the ability to celebrate PRIDE and the LGBTQ+ community with this initiative is extremely special for our organization,” said Nashville SC Head of Community Brandon Hill. “Our club and our league believe that Soccer is For All regardless of race, religion, gender, gender identity or sexual orientation. We are committed to being the most inclusive of all sports leagues in North America, and this initiative is a great opportunity to show our support for LGBTQ+ athletes and individuals in Nashville and beyond.”

“Sports have the power to bring people together,” said Nashville LGBT Chamber Board President Terry Vo. “Visibility with partners like Nashville SC and at venues like GEODIS Park are an important piece of creating a more inclusive and equitable world for all. NSC has been a thoughtful, generous and engaged partner in supporting LGBTQ+ communities throughout the region since before their first kickoff.”

Throughout the month and during PRIDE Night on June 11, the club and the Chamber will partner in the following activations:

PRIDE Patch 2022: Nashville SC will launch the 2022 PRIDE Patch with all proceeds benefitting LAUNCH PAD, a volunteer-based initiative striving to provide street-free sleep to displaced youth in Davidson County with a focus on being affirming and welcoming to LGBTQ+ youth. This year’s Nashville SC Pride Patch honors the history of the traditional rainbow colors of the Pride Flag while also incorporating the colors of the inclusive flag, which represents the commitment to racial and transgender equity and honoring the diversity of the LGBTQ+ community. The patch symbolizes the intersections that exist within the community and how LGBTQ+ athletes and individuals are valued in the Nashville SC community.

The PRIDE Patch is now on sale, giving fans and supporters alike the opportunity to purchase it through Thursday, June 30. Buy your Nashville SC PRIDE Patch at, and visit Nashville SC’s website and to learn more.

PRIDE Plaza Party & Opening Act:Nashville SC will host the PRIDE Plaza Party with an Opening Act performance by queer alt-country artist Gina Venier and participation from LGBTQ+ allied businesses.

PRIDE Bundle Package: Fans will have an opportunity to purchase the PRIDE Night Bundle Package with a ticket to the match in the PRIDE Section and a game-day poster by clicking here. For each package purchased, a $5 donation will go to the LGBT Chamber of Commerce.

Section 615: Nashville SC’s special Section 615 will host guests from the Nashville LGBT Chamber and Nashville Pride.

Hero of the Match: Nashville SC will recognize Terry Vo, the Nashville LGBT Chamber Board President, as the 2022 PRIDE Ambassador and Hyundai Hero of the Match.

PRIDE Night Merchandise: The Nashville SC Team Store at GEODIS Park will carry the exclusive Nashville SC PRIDE Month collection. The 2022 collection includes PRIDE scarves, PRIDE shirt, PRIDE headband, PRIDE Gameday Poster and commemorative PRIDE Patch. All proceeds from the Nashville SC’s PRIDE patch will be donated to benefit LAUNCH PAD. Nashville SC will also donate 10% of sales from the 2022 PRIDE scarves, shirt, headband and poster to benefit LAUNCH PAD.

Hyundai Military Salute: Nashville SC will hold a special Military Salute recognizing Melissa Eldridge, U.S. Air Force Veteran and founder of 1-On-1 Care Matters, LLC, that provides home care needs for disabled seniors and veterans in Montgomery County, Tennessee.  

Music & Entertainment: GEODIS Park will feature a variety of performances by LGBTQ+ artists and allies including Harper Grae (National Anthem), Brandon Stansell (GEODIS WeHo Club) and Nathaniel Banks of Arlie (Nashville SC Guitar Riff).

Nashville SC release

At a time when some of the club’s other actions are a little troubling, it’s good to see the positives come out, as well.

I would encourage you to check out PRIDERaiser campaigns from The Assembly and the Roadies, as well. If you need an extra kick, they’ve combined for under $300 donated per goal, whereas a couple NISA teams of no note are over $1000 and at nearly $600 apiece.

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