Nashville SC

Club & Country Podcast presented by ML Rose: Rapids, ridden

Welcome to the Club & Country podcast, presented by ML Rose! Nashville SC pounded a previously-impenetrable Colorado side, but there are bigger things going on in the world.

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  • EARLY SHOUT — 7:00
    • Recapping the magic in Colorado
    • GOLD NUGGETS: Hany’s resurgence and the club’s form in May
    • Which NSC players will benefit most from the international break?
  • MAILBAG — 18:47
    • How has NSC performed after breaks, and what explains that performance?
    • What’s the latest on the goalkeeper situation now that Elliot Panicco has performed well in place of Joe Willis?
    • Discussing Hany and CJ’s recent dominance
    • Should Nashville go all in on U.S. Open Cup?
  • OUTSIDE N — 30:40
    • Previewing Walker Zimmerman and Anibal Godoy’s international break action
    • What to expect from the USMNT?
  • FINAL WHISTLE — 36:22

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