Nashville SC

Nashville SC acquires $175k General Allocation Money for International Slot

International Slot, we hardly knew ye. After Nashville SC recently sold one of its eight slots to Atlanta United, the Boys in Gold have done the same with Vancouver Whitecaps:

Hey, follow the Twitter while you’re over there.

NSC has received $175,000 in General Allocation Money for both of its slots sold this offseason (another was traded as part of the mid-season package in exchange for Alex Muyl), which is well above the previous market rate of around $50,000 in GAM. Whether that’s a simple re-valuation – particularly with Targeted Allocation Money no longer a tradable asset – or General Manager Mikr Jacobs doing a great job at the negotiating table remains to be seen.

Nonetheless, with green cards on the way, NSC is still one international player below its five remaining slots, and should be able to open up even more of them in short order. Turning those slots into more allocation money is good business.


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