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It is news day: Lancaster loan official, collective bargaining agreement reached

As though “30,000 seats sold and upper deck opened” and “there is literally a game today” weren’t enough to write about barely 12 hours after a kit reveal, there are two more massive news items on the docket.

Let us begin with the one that most directly affects the Nashville SC fan, and the one we’ve been mentally preparing at least a few weeks for.

Cameron Lancaster to Louisville City FC

The Nashville SC striker – second player signed to a Major LEague Soccer contract by the team – Cameron Lancaster will return to Louisville City on loan for the 2020 season.

This news has been all-but inevitable since first reported by BGN Written‘s Phill Grooms in mid-January. In all honesty, it felt inevitable before that, with the oft-injured Lancaster unable to see much of the field in Nashville’s final season in the USL Championship.

That frees up an international slot (though Lancaster had been and likely still is pursuing a green card) and roster space for NSC. It also gives him an opportunity to return to the club with which he’s had his most success, and a city where he already has some roots put down.

Lancaster probably could have played a role for Nashville this year. It would likely have been the same role that a number of current or potential future signings could play: a reserve striker and goal-getter. Nashville doesn’t need more of those, Nashville needs a line-leading scorer.

MLS and Players’ Association reach CBA agreement

I’ll just touch on this news item for now – and break it down in a bit more detail later – but the league and its players reaching a new CBA is a big move. A work stoppage seemed unlikely, of course, but until the agreement was actually reached, it was theoretically a possibility.

An improvement in player movement both figuratively (with an increase in free agency rights), and literally (mandatory charter flights) are among the highlights.

Changes in allocation money structure – and therefore MLS Roster Rules – will take a little more time to dissect. However, the MLSPA has long been antagonistic toward the Targeted Allocation Money mechanism, so a reduction in its importance in the short-term is significant.

Stay tuned for much more to come on the CBA.

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