Nashville SC

The GIFening: Matt LaGrassa 2019 reel

Nashville SC recently signed four players to its MLS side after they suited up for the USL team in 2019. That means there are GIFs. Let us go in alphabetical order, beginning with one Matthew R. LaGrassa.

lagrassafouled.2019-11-07 10_41_27
Sometimes you make the reel for being fouled.
lebogoal.2019-10-30 16_30_03
The aggressiveness and vision made this goal
grassafoul.2019-10-29 14_18_48
lagrassavolley.2019-09-25 12_27_41
lagrassapost.2019-09-25 12_24_48
Denied by the post 😦
Back. Heel. Nut. Meg. (This is honestly one of my top three or four GIFs of the year).
More backheel action.
Head it on, young man.
Multiple times you make the reel for being fouled
lagoalsa.2019-04-15 16_28_41
lagrassavision-maybeforgifs.2019-04-10 16_43_11
The line-splitting passes really didn’t last the whole year, to be honest. He was sort of in a different role once the injuries started piling up.
Very nearly a goal.
LaGrassa Linesplitter
This line-splitting pass was ridic. I liked it.


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