Nashville SC

The GIFening: Ken Tribbett 2019 reel

Nashville SC recently signed four players to its MLS side after they suited up for the USL team in 2019. That means there are GIFs. Let us go in alphabetical order, meaning Ken Tribbett is up next (it should come as no surprise that there are fewer GIFs available for a guy who played mostly centerback. Sorry, Ken).

adewolew.2019-09-21 20_33_44
Where I come from, it’s foul or be fouled.
tribbettyellow.2019-09-25 12_49_37
…or one of each.
TBH, bad luck he didn’t stop this run.
El Presidente.
tribbetgoal.2019-06-13 13_11_53
tribbettfoulkeep.2019-06-13 13_02_13
Here I am, rock you like I’m a big dude in the way and you’re the Bethlehem Steel’s keeper. (fwiw said keeper is in the dang Champions League now).
Happy boiz.
Saved off the line.
Couldn’t quite keep his balance to get it on frame.


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