Nashville SC

The GIFening: Nashville SC 2-0 North Carolina FC

bolu line splitter.2019-10-25 13_56_11
Nice line-splitting pass from Akinyode here. It’s a beat late for Ríos to corral it before the defender arrives though.
bolu tackle and shot.2019-10-25 13_57_52
brotherton yellow.2019-10-25 13_59_30
Es un amarillo.
When you slide in the DMs and come away with a number.
gary red.2019-10-25 14_02_07
Every time I ask Gary a question in a press conference.
lebo run should pass.2019-10-25 14_04_44
Love the start with the backheel (and understand Moloto being selfish), but, uh… Winn is all alone over there, buddy.
Ríos bike attempt.2019-10-25 14_06_09
Ríos miss.2019-10-25 14_07_48
Juuuust a bit outside
ropapa fgoal.2019-10-25 14_12_19
ropapadeflection.2019-10-25 14_13_48
Reaction save
Can’t imagine this one ever being useful again…


backline.2019-10-25 13_54_22
They’re clapping because the man on the stand has released the pod.
moloto replays
For whatever reason, the casual posture of the header is, to me, hilarious.
washot.2019-10-25 14_19_47
Nice move forward, and a decent shot from Washington.

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