Nashville SC

Nashville SC’s support consolidated under Backline Supporters Collective banner

Hey. This is, like, four days late. Sorry for that. It’s been a busy week at FCAC headquarters.

LAFC’s 3252. Minnesota United’s Wonderwall. Chicago Fire’s Section 8.

Major League Soccer has long been known – and increasingly over the years, given two of those groups play in stadiums that are new within the past 24 months – for having high-profile supporters sections. What all three of those have in common is that they’re not singular, monolithic supporters groups for their teams, but rather umbrella organizations bringing together a variety of different supporters groups, each with their own focuses or missions, in support of their respective teams, and for the good of the supporters themselves.

Going forward, Nashville SC will have a similar organization: The Backline Supporters Collective.

“The Backline Supporters Collective is a group of Nashville’s loudest and proudest fans working together to provide the preeminent gameday environment in Major League Soccer,” reads the group’s mission statement. “Made up of members from all supporters groups, and fans from all walks of life, The Backline comes together each gameday to coordinate a social and inclusive pre-game atmosphere for all supporters, orchestrate a rowdy and raucous environment in the supporters’ end of the stadium to propel Nashville SC to victory, and facilitate travel to away matches to take our show on the road. If this is something that resonates with you, join us in The Backline.”

The Boys in Gold have been proudly supported by a number of supporters groups – both officially recognized by the Club and otherwise – and together, those groups will form the Backline.

The NSC Roadies, to The Assembly, The Eastern Front, Music City Supporters, and the Music City Heaters – and hopefully more groups to come in the future (it has long been the position of this site that a massive hole exists in the LGBT-focused and Latinx-focused spaces) – form the collective. Even better, it’s a place for those interested in participating in supporter culture, but who haven’t found a group that fits their needs, to join as otherwise-unaffiliated individuals.

“The formation of The Backline Supporters Collective represents a concerted effort from each of the existing supporters groups, along with a number of independent supporters, to create a more unified and cohesive gameday environment in the supporters’ end of the stadium,” said Backline SC spokesman Daniel Ryan. “We came together around that idea that in order to create a significant home-field advantage and amplify our impact as supporters, we must work collaboratively across our existing groups. The physical manifestations of this work will be all-supporters tailgates, visual displays in the supporters’ end, and coordinated travel to select away games. However, the culture of camaraderie and collaboration in support of Nashville SC across the city at-large will be our lasting legacy.”

While the on-field product will always be the most important part of Nashville SC’s growth to follow, strides are being made in the stands, as well.

The Backline unveiled its first tifo (surely drawing whining from various Cincinnati, Indianapolis, and Louisville corners, grumbling about some moronic “plastic supporters” take) at Saturday’s 2-0 win over North Carolina FC.

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