Nashville SC

The GIFening: Nashville SC 0-0 Pittsburgh Riverhounds

Nashville’s frustration was palpable after Saturday’s scoreless draw against Pittsburgh Riverhounds. How did it look in moving pictures? Check ’em out here.

With two games last week, The Wrap will come tomorrow morning instead of today. If you haven’t yet, make sure you vote in the Community Ratings for the Birmingham and Pittsburgh games.

adewolew.2019-09-21 20_33_44
I’ve tried to be understanding about the RED CARD OUTRAGE, and certainly this isn’t a red card every time, but it remains not one to flip out about: slide starts after the ball is gone, Adewole’s body goes through Tribbett’s plant leg. It’s like 60/40 yellow/red.
backheelattempt.2019-09-27 11_32_37
This backheel would have been kinda tight.
belmarscuff.2019-09-27 11_50_09
Belmar can’t quite get the ball under him quickly enough to get off a legit shot.
leboturnandshot.2019-09-27 11_48_41
lebowide.2019-09-27 11_38_18
Perhaps King should have shot… Moloto definitely should have done better though (the closeup makes it look like he thought the ball wouldn’t get past Brett. He actually could have taken his time and basically walked it in.
ocksaved.2019-09-27 11_45_43
Morton with one of his impressive saves.
pittwide.2019-09-27 11_35_32
This was wider of frame than this angle makes it look (you can see that the bounce basically happens level with the post), but still a dangerous moment.
rioschance.2019-09-27 11_27_09
Man. Ríos probably thought he’d already scored, and he didn’t bother to place it.
riosheader.2019-09-27 11_29_07
Juuuuust a bit high.
riosnopen.2019-09-27 11_34_13
Ríos was trying to draw the pen here (and had a fair shout – he basically got run through by Greenspan), but probably could have kept his feet and had an offensive chance, too. 
tribbettheader.2019-09-27 11_40_30
Without the deflection – it resulted in a corner kick – this might have found the corner. It grazed the post as it was.
winnblockedsaved.2019-09-27 11_44_01
Saved by the calf.
winnnotrigger.2019-09-27 11_30_53
Winn probably has to get something on frame (even after the heavy touch), but I have no idea what Moloto’s doing off-ball either. Get in a shooting position, not a crossing position, bro.
winnopen.2019-09-27 11_42_41
Another close penalty call. If Adewole hadn’t been red-carded, one of these would have been called.
Most impressive play of the night from Winn. 

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