Nashville SC

The GIFening: Nashville SC 0-1 Saint Louis FC

Nashville did not win Saturday’s game. It still managed to have some exciting moments, captured here in GIF form. Enjoy! (Side note: this will probably be the only edition of this feature unless someone wants to drop some pointers on how to make the file sizes significantly less massive without the moving pictures looking bad).

Kharlton Belmar dribble reel
Saint Louis FC handball: very clearly in the box.
LaGrassa Linesplitter
Rad line-breaking pass by Matt LaGrassa
LaGrassa’s headed chance is saved
Lancaster shot
Sneaky set play sees a Cameron Lancaster shot go just wide.
lancrosser.2019-03-18 15_13_27
More like Cameron LanCrosser, folks
Quick thinking by Lebo Moloto to spring the break, though the end product doesn’t come off.
molototackle.2019-03-18 15_35_22
Speaking of Moloto, look at the motor to prevent a fastbreak.
pickens.2019-03-18 15_45_23
Save of the game from Matt Pickens
Another impressive save (and would be the save of the game most matches)
STL goal.2019-03-18 16_10_13
This is when a sad face happens.
Ken Tribbett’s header puts the ball in a dangerous spot but NSC can’t equalize.
washot.2019-03-18 16_17_04
Another well-worked NSC set play.


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