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Press conference transcript: Gary Smith, Matt LaGrassa, and Michael Reed pre-Cincinnati

Nashville SC head coach Gary Smith and two of his midfielders met with For Club and Country today to discuss their upcoming rematch against FC Cincinnati and how the club can get back on the winning side. Read what they had to say here:

Gary Smith

Let’s get back to this sort of form, K?

“I think we’ve made the very most of this week. Difficult result, a lot of reflection. I’ve just said to the guys, ‘I just don’t feel the second half to the season has started for us, and certainly not in the way we’d have liked it.’ But I think this is an opportunity against a top side, a side that are six months removed from MLS, and already making the bright sort of strides to improve their group. For us to get ourselves back into that mindset of, ‘we’re challengers, we’re a playoff team.’ I think at some point – and I’m not saying this game will be the determining factor – but it’s definitely an opportunity for everyone to really express themselves and attack the game. We won’t be going there with a timid attitude. We’ll want to try and get as much as we can out of ourselves. We’re looking at this as more of a breakout game than one against a top team – top of the table. As far as planning, working, getting back to that really gritty attitude, all of the qualities that I think this team has shown in the 12-game unbeaten run, I think we’ve been able to touch on a lot of those, and air some views and think about what the second half of the season really should entail for us.”

How has the short-handedness lately affected the team?

“I’ve got a good group of players, so yes of course when you have senior players injured, it can affect the group. I also think it’s a fabulous opportunity for others to step into that void and make a bit of a name for themselves. After a good performance by CJ on Wednesday, you could point at one moment with the penalty as showing a little lack of game-sharpness. The situation changes in a heartbeat in Toronto. I’m not blaming the result on CJ by any stretch, but what I’m trying to emphasize: when you’re playing a run of games, when you’re as involved as Matt has been, those decisions are clearer, you’re not quite as edgy and as anxious. I don’t want to make excuses about players being out. We had probably the worst travel that I’ve experienced since I’ve been in the US from 2008. Going to Rochester. I’m sure there were some factors in there, but teams have got to overcome that. You’re playing in a 90-minute game. Yes, I’m sure there was an impact, but I thin kwe’ve got good enough players to A) cover the issues of injuries and B) deal with some adversity. We’re back to pretty much full strength: Bradley’s the only body that will be unfit for the weekend. I think we’ve really got to show our mettle now. We’ve given a good idea of what we’re about, we’ve shown in a period of time just recently that there’s bright lights in there, but it’s been inconsistent. We’re better than that, we know we’re better than that, but the only way of really reinforcing that is by playing well, by playing consistently.”

Do you note the drop in the Eastern Conference table to the team?

“I don’t think it’s as strraightforward as that in a brand-new group. If you look at our last five games, we’ve scored one goal. That’s not good enough. Results have been inconsistent. That’s not good enough. A big part of this group is continually growing and developing. All teams have a difficult period – most teams have a difficult period throughout the season – maybe this is ours. What I’m focusing on and what the guys are very much aware of is: how do we return to the form, what are the key components to the group to be more successful, and not only can we get back on track putting points on the board – because we are in a decent spot – but how do we get to that point where we’re improving continually and also getting ready for the playoffs. There’s nobody here that doubts that we’re capable of the playoffs, achieving it is obviously a different matter, but that comes one day at a time, one game at a time, and in very small strides when your form has been a little bit indifferent.”

Has there been a consistent thread in the lack of scoring lately?

“We’ve added players, in Brandon Allen being the prime example, who’ve got a good goal-scoring reacord. But the team’s dried up: it’s not just Brandon, it’s not just Ropapa, it’s not just Alan. We’re not getting goals from enough areas: Taylor Washington is the only player outside of four goal-scorers in the team, and Liam’s scored a free kick. How do we improve that? Dead ball situation has not been productive enough. Lots of teams are finding a route through to getting themserlves in front from set pieces. We have to improve in that area. There’s a collecrtive push to try and get ourselves on the sheet and score more goals. What I will say is: in most of our outings, we’re creating. If we weren’t creating, I’d be very, very disappointed, and I’d be worried. But we’re getting ourselves in good positions, we’re making opportunities. It’s now about really being alittle bit moe ruthless as I said some time ago. We got ourselves in a better position with some confidence probably 5-6 games again, and that seems to have dsiminished. That’s a mental state. For me, that’s not about technique or quality. Alan misses a penalty. That’s the best opportunity in a game to score a goal. At thge moment, in one way, shape, or form, we’re finding the opportunity or a way to not score. That for me, as I said, is a mindset. We started the season with picking up percentages wherever we can: can you win two more headers in a game, can you get two more crosses in a game? Picking up percentages, and at the moment we’re giving those percentages away. So that is also a foundation to being more aggressive. There’s a few areas that we’ve certainly focused on. The players throughout the week, undersatandably at the start were flat, but we’ve now worked to a crescendo and we’re ready for tomorrow’s game.”

Will Fanendo Adi change the way you plan to defend?

“They’ve scored, I thin kthey’re second-highest scorers in the league, they’ve got a wealth of talent and creation going forward, and Adi just adds to that. Yes, he’s a slightly different physical specimen to one or two of the other guys. I can’t calculate whether he’ll play or not. I’m not going to prepare my team based on what they might do., We’ve had plenty to work on, we’ve had plenty to look at. There’s been a rewfocusing of ourenergies, and I’d like to think we’re going to see a team, my team, go out there and attack the game. There might be one or two moments in the game that make for a different approach, but in reality, we have to try and put our best foot forward and make a game of this. I’m not going thtere to be the whipping boy in front of 25,000 people. And OI’ve got a good enough team not to be. Whatever they do, we’ll try and counter, and attack in the best way we can. When you’ve got a good team that you’re playing against, iut’s not just one player. Ledesma’s been terrific, Konig has done a wonderful job, Bone plays, Albadawi, they’ve all scored goals. They’ve got two of the best center-halves in the league. It’s going to be tough whoever plays, it’s not going to be an easy game.

Matt LaGrassa

How have you taken to getting more consistent time with Michael Reed injured?

“I think playing regularly is something that we all strive for. It helps you be in a rhythm and find that consistency which we’re all after.”

How have you managed to be versatile positionally?

“I think growing up playing in the center of the field, I’ve always prided myself on kind of knowing everybody’s role and trying to have an understanding of what everyone’s supposed to be doing and where they’re supposed to be at any time. I think that helps me transition to a different position a little more smoothly.”

How do you break the poor run of form

“I think it’s important that we don’t panic, that we get back to some of the things that made us successful earlier in the year. We’ve had a great week of training, and I think we’re ready for the weekend.”

Is it a challenge or a special opportunity that Cincinnati is the team you need to break the poor run of form against?

“I think in some ways it takes a little bit of pressuere off of us to go away from home and play against a team that’s at the top of the table. We can play a little bit more freely, and take chances that maybe we wouldn’t have taken if we’re not playing the team at the top of the table.”

Michael Reed

Is it frustrating seeing the struggle without being on the field?

“I think individually, it can be frustrating, because there’s only so much you have control over. I think at the same time in everyone’s career, it’s a moment of growth. When the team’s struggling or the individuals on the team are struggling, there’s always positives you can take from it. If guys are willing to learn and grow, then that’s the key: furthering their future and careers and maturing. There’s always positives you can take out of it as frustrating as it can be for myself, there’s a lot that came of it.”

How do you adapt as captain to helping when the “lead by example” route isn’t available?

“I think we all have our strengths, captains included. I’ve got to be close with Gary, I’ve got to make sure I’m good with the boys. For myself, I’m real personal with the players: making sure they’re up, if they’re down what can I do to help them out? A lot of it’s off the field. On the field, obviously the frustrations are going to occur. I don’t tell players how to play, that’s for them to decide. I’ll do everything I can to make sure they’re motivated, to make sure they’re enthusiastic and passionate about what they’re doing. Happy person, happy player, better player. My job is multi-functional, and there’s a lot to ask, but I thin kthe guys have proven that they follow, they’re willing to listen and learn, and that’s all I can ask for.”

What’s your style of vocal leadership?

“Soccer’s a very intimate sport. As much as you want to say, it’s not like a regular job where you go to an office and work in a cubicle. Soccer is very intimate with the tackles, with the passion, with the yelling, with the arguing, with the positivity, on the field, off the field. You’re with a guy in the gym after you just finished yelling at him. In doing so, I think communication is huge. That’s really it.”

What have you seen out of Bolu and Matt with their recent playing time in your absence?

“It’s different for each game, isn’t it? Each game presents something different with whatever each team is throwing at us they’re asked to be different things. Both of them are very versatile and utility-like players. I’m happy that they’ve been doing well for the team. As much as people say the results have been poor, like I said it’s the growth experience for everyone. Guys who haven’t been getting in the areas that they want to play positionally, doing very well to get comfortable, and I’m happy for them: that’s how it should be. I uthink they’ve taken full advantage of their opportunity and chances in there, and continually grow as players.”

Frustration to score?

“It’s the hardest thing to do is score. Somew teams make it look easier than others. We’re a very disciplined team: that’s the foundation of our team. As much as guys want to go forward, we all have things that we have to do in the team to make sure we’re successful. I think we get back to the fundamentals, and some things will come in eventually. It’s not an easy task to score. You ask a lot of the guys, whenever you say, ‘you’ve gotta beat two, three, four guys,’ that’s not the case. We’ve gotta get back to the fundamentals and being a team and being the best we can be in total. It can be frustrating and daunting, but that’s the game. That’s part of the whole intimacy with the players is to know what they’re about and the struggles at times, and that’s what life is.”

What did you learn in the first game against Cincinnati that you can apply to this one?

“I’m sure, just like guys on the team, you kind of get to know the other team, you get to know the other players, their system, their styles. Whether or not they’re going to play the same way, you don’t really kmnow until you’re on the field, it’s gameday, and the game’s live. Tendencies of players – that’s if players are willing to watch video, which they are – I think there’s plenty we can take away from the first game, but we can’t look too much into it, because what if they change? It’s an adaptible game, we’re changing all the time, and hopefully we’re ready for it.”


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