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Pitch Points has problematic public statements

Wait no I don’t! But somebody does…

USSF president. Not delving deeply into the topic for now (that’s a post for another day), but it’s clear that the Eastern New York State Soccer Association – which has voting power fo the USSF President – is run by people who shouldn’t be allowed to vote for anything.

Rapaglia said he was impressed that Carter had not just worked on the business side, but has also played soccer in college and in one of the leagues in his association. “She played soccer,” he explained. “She’s not just a housewife.”

That the organization has not only not apologized for these comments, but doubled down by insulting Grant Wahl for… I don’t know, quoting this moron word-for-word? Seems like a pretty standard journalistic practice to me… is repulsive. I don’t even know what else to say. That they went back and deleted all the negative tweets, etc. is an example of cowardice and trying to cover one’s tracks, nothing more or less. ENYSSA, you suck.

When an organization run by a man who calls a 48-year old multi-millionaire businesswoman exclusively “the girl” in an extensive interview is voting for US Soccer President… something is deeply, fundamentally broken about this whole process and indeed, our country.

The crux of Wahl’s story is that outgoing prez Sunil Gulati and MLS commissioner Don Garber are openly campaigning for Kathy Carter while publicly stating they aren’t. He points out that it’s not illegal (nor should it be), but since that’s the case, why are they brazenly lying about it? Just bizarre behavior on their respective parts. I disagree that Garber’s lobbying is demonstrative of conflict of interest: it’s just politics. You lobby for the person who advances your interests, and he thinks (probably pretty damn safely) that she’s that candidate. The conflict of interest is well upstream from the lobbying itself.

MLS Expansion. The topic is one of Soccer Stadium Digest’s top stories of 2017. Get ready for Nashville’s MLS future by acquainting yourself with the moves made by each of the other teams in the league so far this offseason.

John Ingram plans to be a pretty hands-off owner, and the day-to-day operations will be handled by staff to be named later. I would imagine the current technical and management staff will remain when the club makes the leap from USL to MLS, just with a lot more manpower around them (of course, just my speculation).

A very refreshing tone from Ingram, who’s encouraging a welcoming atmosphere around the team. Soccer newbies, Nashville newbies, et al: everybody should hop on board, there shouldn’t be any judging. That’s not always the case (unfortunately, especially true among American soccer fans), and hopefully his wishes come to fruition.

Atlanta rivalry? Not so fast, my friends. We Music Citizens are just too lovable, according to Atlanta United blog Dirty South Soccer:

Maybe I’m just being biased, but it’s hard to hate a place like Nashville. Walking down Broadway — the city’s main strip full of flashing lights, southern sounds and watering holes — is a unique experience and almost impossible to dislike. Of course, Nashville will be a “rival” due purely to geographical factors, but it will be a much different rivalry to the one Atlanta has with Orlando City. While Orlando is impossible to love, Nashville is impossible to hate.

“It’s impossible to dislike walking down Broadway” is a pretty obvious statement of “I’m probably not being truthful about having lived in Nashville.” Almost no local enjoys that, much less finds it impossible to dislike (maybe the pre-bachelorette era was better to him). Atlanta people seem to really like Nashville, we’ll see what happens when it’s something other than a tourist Xanadu in their minds.

Speaking of Atlanta, what have you got going on the evening before the game Feb. 10? You can hang out at Tailgate Demonbreun with The Assembly.

Cincinnati rivalry? Until the MLS launch actually happens (there still hasn’t been clarity from the league or team on whether 2020 is still the date or if 2019 is a possibility, as hinted by Garber at the announcement), or hopefully concurrently with it, Cincinnati will also be a rival.

If you were living under a US Open Cup rock last year, not only are you part of mainstream America, you missed a great story with FCC’s run in the US Open Cup. Don’t forget that it does seem like dome i-dotting and t-crossing sounds like the only thing between Cincinnati and a January announcement of their own MLS leap.

Etc. US Soccer year in review from the Washington Post. Spoiler alert: some crappy stuff happened! … Really cool story on growing the game in West Africa. … If you love listicles and soccer storylines entering 2018, here you go. … Starting pro/rel from the bottom up? My take on the grander scheme of pro/rel in our country is well-founded and similar here. The pro/rel zealots and soccer-only people advocating for it are trying to start down a path that ultimately ends pro soccer in this country (not a super-great idea, IMO).

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