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Soccer bars in Nashville

Trying to catch a match in the Nashville area? Here are some established soccer bars. If you know of or represent a bar not listed here, feel free to comment or contact me on Twitter so we can be a little more comprehensive here.

They’re organized roughly West-East within the metro proper, and then North-South outside it.

Tailgate Brewery West 

7300 Charlotte Pike 37209

615-861-9842 • @TailgateBeer

Tailgate has tons of indoor and outdoor space, and draws a big crowd for some sporting events. It’s one of Nashville SC’s official pub partners and has hosted watch parties.  Plenty of outdoor space if you have non-sports fans to entertain during a match.

The Centennial

5115 Centennial Blvd. 37209

615-679-9746 • @centennial_nash

Officially the home of the West Ham supporters club, Nashville Hammers, and only open early for EPL games when the Hammers are playing (though others – including Aston Villa – are known to drop in). Otherwise, open at 11am daily (until late night) and will put soccer on if requested. Also a USMNT bar.

Original Corner Pub

1105 51st Ave. N 37209

615-760-5282 • @NationsPub

Corner is an Official Pub Partner of the club. The TV situation is just OK, but they’re willing to put soccer on if requested. From first-hand experience, you’ll definitely have to ask (you won’t walk in and simply find it on the screens).

Neighbors Sylvan Park

4425 Murphy Rd. 37209


A good neighborhood bar with BBQ on the menu, it’s a little on the divey side (but in a very good way). Plenty of TVs, and a lot of support when sporting events are on. An official pub partner of the club, so NSC will be included there.

ML Rose West

4408 Charlotte Ave. 37209

615-750-2920 • @_mlrose

This is a bar and an Official Pub Partner of Nashville SC. Some cool outdoor space (covered and uncovered, both with TVs).

Crow’s Nest

2221 Bandywood Dr. 37215


In Green Hills? Here’s where you can watch Nashville SC games: the Crow’s Nest is an Official Pub Partner of the club. A ton of space, a big upstairs and some outdoor areas (I’ve only been in the Winter, so regrettably have never experienced them).

The Hurry Back 

2212 Elliston Pl. 37203

615-915-0764 • @HurryBackNash

Was the official home bar of the Roadies’ postgames when NSC played at Vanderbilt during the 2017 season, and hosted the Roadie Soundcheck podcast. Not a sports bar per se, but there are televisions there.

Tailgate Beer Demonbreun

1538 Demonbreun 37203

629-702-5914 • @TailgateBeer

The official home of the American Outlaws chapter in Nashville, as well as the Night Before Party and away game location for The Assembly. The TV setup is also a little sparse to consider it a true sports bar (it more inherited the AO watch parties from the location’s former tenant, Dan McGuinness), but if you have a seat with a good view, the atmosphere can make up for it. An official pub partner of Nashville SC.

Bar Louie

314 11th Ave. S 37203


If you’re the type of person who wants to watch sporting events at a chain bar (or a club who wants to make chain bars priorities for its pub partner program), this is the place for you. That’s as positive an endorsement as I can give.

ML Rose

2535 8th Ave. S 37204

615-712-8160 •  @_mlrose

This, like its West Nashville spin-off, is an Official Pub Partner of the club. It’s fairly typical New Nashville, like its satellite location.

Von Elrod’s

1004 4th Ave. N 37201

615-866-1620 • @VonElrods

You can imagine with a beer garden overlooking the entry to the home-plate corner of the field, this will be a popular pregame spot for NSC fans – it’s an NSC Pub Partner. Also a German-themed restaurant, which should really try to push Bundesliga, in personal e-pinion. Open 11am-11pm weekdays, 11am-1am Fri/Sat, and 10am-9pm Sun.

Germantown Pub

708 Monroe St. 37208

615-457-2145 • @GTPNash

Open early when Manchester City plays (thanks to the Music Cityzens), and though there aren’t a ton of TVs, they’re willing to give up a couple to other supporters’ groups in the event that their home bar isn’t open (as happened with West Ham at the Centennial this past weekend). 11am-11pm weekdays, latenight on the weekends otherwise.

Germantown Depot

1318 6th Ave. N 37208 

615-953-7222 • @Germantownbar

This is an NSC Official Pub Partner, so it will certainly have the Boys in Gold on. This is the official home pregame location for Music City Supporters. Also, it is now-former home of the Liverpool supporters’ group in Nashville (and it sounds like perhaps soon-to-be-former establishment in general?).


429 Broadway 37203

615-244-7477 • @RippysRibs

On the list because it’s a Nashville SC Official Pub Partner, this is a very strange entry. It is a tourist trap in every sense of the word, packed to the gills with folks visiting from Central Ohio at all hours and live music at maximum volume. They do have TVs, so I guess you could make it work as a soccer watch bar.

Neighbors Germantown

313 Jefferson St. 37208 


The new home of the Roadies and one of the closest two or three bars to First Tennessee Park. Tons of TVs, and they’re willing to turn on European soccer leagues during the day (though generally they do have to be asked for it).

Fleet Street Pub

207 Printers Alley 37201

615-200-0782 • @fleetstreetpub

Perhaps the only true soccer bar in Nashville, it’s home to the Nashville Gooners but is British-themed and willing to take that reputation and run with it. Soccer scarves all over the underground space – primarily Arsenal, but other squads as well – and English pub fare (for better or worse if you have a refined palate – I KID, British ex-pats). Open early for Arsenal games, otherwise at 11am-late daily. Not a ton of TVs, but enough – especially if you’re there to see Arsenal. Official Pub Partner. Be forewarned – it’s newly very strict about being 21-and-up, so if your kids are Arsenal fans, too bad.

Alley Taps

162 Printer’s Alley 37201 

615-922-2757 • @AlleyTaps

Home to the Music City Blues and open early when Chelsea is playing. The space is very cool and feels like you’re underground even though you’re not. In all honesty, I’ve only been here for an early Chelsea game, and don’t know what it’s like at other times. Open 4:30-close weekdays, 11:30-close Sat/Sun.

City Tap House

204 3d Ave. S 37201

615-922-4015 • @CityTapNashvlle

This is an official pub partner of Nashville SC, and it’s a relatively new bar on the scene. I haven’t been yet – and it comes with my standard warning about being a chain – but I know one of the managers who (naturally) has talked it up as a great sports bar. Will update when I check it out.

Madera Cafe

3961 Nolensville Pike 37211 (inside Plaza Mariachi)


Inside Plaza Mariachi (itself a great place to watch bigger events, particularly in Spanish-language leagues), Madera Cafe is a Cuban cafe and coffeeshop that also has fare from throughout Latin America. It’s not a sports bar per se, but is a restaurant inside Plaza Mariachi – not in the food court – that will have games from Latin and South America on the televisions when applicable.

Noble’s Kitchen & Beer Hall

974 Main St. 37206

629-800-2050 • @Nobles_BeerHall

Another relatively new bar, Noble’s has a pretty cool space, with stage setups upstairs and down, but more of a focus on being a sports bar (“we need to have live music because we are in Nashville,” said way too many bar concepts). It’s an official pub partner of NSC – and the away game watch location for Eastern Front SG – and now the Nashville Spurs’ home that they don’t let away fans into.

Beyond the Edge

112 S 11th St. 37206

615-226-3343 • @BeyondtheEdge1

A pure sports bar in East Nashville, has also been home to the Nashville Roses – Portland Timbers supporters’ club. I’ll admit not having been there for a soccer match (or sporting event of any variety), but it’s also a big NFL bar so don’t count on getting soccer on the TVs if there’s a lot going on any given day.

Scoreboard Bar & Grill

2408 Music Valley Dr. 37214 

615-883-3866 • @ScoreboardNash

If Broadway isn’t the right type of tourist-y for you, the Opry Mills area can get it done. For obvious reasons, I’ve never been, but the pictures look fine, I guess? It’s a Nashville SC Official Pub Partner, so they should have all the games on.

Party Fowl Donelson

2620 Lebanon Pike 37214 


The new home of the Nashville Kop Liverpool supporters’ group.

Homegrown Taproom & Marketplace

2720 Old Lebanon Rd. 37214

629-888-9180 • @HomegrownNash

Out near the airport, it’s sort of an inconvenient location if you don’t live East of town (so I’ve never been). It’s a local-oriented taproom though, so it actually sounds pretty cool (though not like a sports bar). It’s an Official Pub Partner of NSC.

Franklin Abbey

9200 Carothers Parkway, Franklin 37067


Not in Nashville, but important enough to the local soccer scene – home to the Manchester United supporters’ group – to be noteworthy. Was extremely lit for the Champion’s League final (during its previous life also hosting the Liverpool supporters), and is willing to open for basically any soccer event as long as you can promise a crowd.

Brewhouse South

1855 Galleria Blvd., Franklin 37067

615-778-1860 • @BrewhouseSouth

Another venue for the Nashville Roses – no home bar per se, but a couple watch locations – and the Brewhouses tend to be sports-heavy in general. Haven’t (and probably won’t) checked it out for myself.

Wild Wing Cafe

545 Cool Springs Blvd., Franklin 37067


Chain wing place, official pub partner though? Never been, likely won’t head to Cool Springs just to go to a chain bar. Sorry, y’all. (Anyone who’s been can fill us in, though).

Party Fowl Murfreesboro

127 SE Broad St., Murfreesboro 37130


The official home of the BoRoadies – the Roadies’ Murfreesboro contingent – for away game watch parties.

If I’ve missed anything, or there’s a bar out there devoted to supporters’ groups from other Euro or some domestic leagues (I would imagine there’s some Liga MX coverage in the Nolensville area, just don’t know), drop a line in the comments and I’ll update to try to be comprehensive here.


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