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Soccer bars in Nashville

UPDATE 9/1/21: It had been a long time since an update to this post, rendering one much-needed. Please note that some of these places are still operating on limited pandemic hours so you would be wise to ensure they’re open when you expect/hope.

We move.

Trying to catch a match in the Nashville area? Here are some established soccer bars. If you know of or represent a bar not listed here, feel free to comment or contact me on Twitter so we can be a little more comprehensive here. I have not included bars in the Broadway district, even though some are Nashville SC pub partners. This ain’t that kinda list.

They’re organized roughly West-East within the metro proper, and then North-South outside it.


Tailgate Brewery West 
7300 Charlotte Pike 37209
615-861-9842 • @TailgateBeer

Tailgate has tons of indoor and outdoor space, and draws a big crowd for some sporting events. The Midtown location (below) is the official home of the American Outlaws, and while the headquarters is less soccer-soaked, it’s still a soccer-friendly spot.

The Centennial
5115 Centennial Blvd. 37209
615-679-9746 • @centennial_nash

Officially the home of the West Ham supporters club, Nashville Hammers. Also a fairly robust USMNT bar (outside of the AO’s official home, it’s probably the best place in town for that). Currently not open during mornings (even on weekends). Serves bar food during typical kitchen hours.

Midnight Oil
1310 51st Ave. N 37209
615-649-8917 • @midnightoilnash

The sister bar of The Centennial, it’s right around the corner. A pizza joint with frozé and a dope peach jalapeño margaritas, it’s all high-top seating, it’s also the temporary home of the Hammers. A ton of TVs, as well.

Harding House Brewery
904 51st Ave. N 37209

Included because it’s an official pub partner of Nashville SC. A microbrewery with no food (though there’s an adjacent butcher shop that does sandwiches). Very cool porch atmosphere, but not a ton of TVs and the beer selection is limited to those brewed in-house.

Southern Grist Brewing Co.
5012 Centennial Blvd. 37209
(615) 864-7133

This is a really good brewery, particularly if you like semi-experimental concepts, led by a wide range of sours. The taproom has cool outdoor space and a couple TVs indoors, and while there are sports on them, I would not call it a sports bar by any stretch (but it’s a Nashville SC pub partner, so we’ll be inclusive here). I can’t urge you enough to check it out for non-soccer purposes, just to be clear, in case the previous sentence spooked you a bit.

Fat Bottom Brewing
800 44th Ave. N 37209

The official brewery partner of Nashville SC, and one of the bigger breweries in Nashville with a fairly diverse range of beer options. The space here is incredible, with a dope courtyard and multiple indoor areas with some TV coverage (best bet: the billiards room has multiple big screens). The food menu is somewhat limited – their food program actually changes frustratingly frequently, so maybe that’s not the case at this instant! – but it’s a great place to hang out.

Kay Bob’s
1602 21st Ave. S 37212

A beer-forward flatbread restaurant that has plenty of TVs though I wouldn’t necessarily characterize it as a sports bar (and if I did, I wouldn’t say it’s a particularly soccer-specific one). A Nashville SC pub partner.

The Hurry Back 
2212 Elliston Pl. 37203
615-915-0764 • @HurryBackNash

Was the official home bar of the Roadies’ postgames when NSC played at Vanderbilt as an amateur club during the 2017 season, and hosted the Roadie Soundcheck podcast. Not a sports bar per se, but there are televisions there and it has a bit of a place in Nashville soccer history.

1919 Division St., Nashville

This is a straight-up college bar in the heart of Nashville’s Midtown area. Essentially adjacent to the Vanderbilt campus, it draws from there and the other colleges (namely Belmont) in the immediate area. There is television. This is a place to get sloppy drunk (late night, that includes locals/industry people, as well). It’s a Nashville SC pub partner, so it makes the list in a technical sense.

Tailgate Beer Demonbreun
1538 Demonbreun 37203
629-702-5914 • @TailgateBeer

The official home of the American Outlaws chapter in Nashville (the Chelsea group has moved here, as well). The TV setup was originally a little sparse to consider it a true sports bar (it more inherited the AO watch parties from the location’s former tenant, Dan McGuinness), but that situation has been upgraded with big screens inside and on the massive multi-use porch. The night-before party for the Canada game will be here, as will Thursday/Wednesday watch parties for the WCQ window.

The Pub Nashville
400 11th Ave S 37203
(615) 678-4840

An English-style pub in the hot Gulch neighborhood. It also has a place in Nashville soccer history: it’s where the initial shareholder meetings for the fan-owned version of Nashville FC (pre-“SC” days) were held. It remains a pub partner of the MLS club. It has all the things you’d expect of trying to be an English-style pub.

Von Elrod’s
1004 4th Ave. N 37201
615-866-1620 • @VonElrods

A really good German beer hall across the street from First Tennessee Park (or whatever it’s called now), the minor league baseball stadium where the USL incarnation of Nashville SC played. Not a ton of TVs, but the atmosphere here can get really good. I’m of the opinion that it should become a Bundesliga spot, but I’m not the boss.

Bar Sovereign
514 Rep. John Lewis Way S 37203
(615) 244-3174

Relatively new so I have not been here, but it’s an English-themed place… that has Hawai’ian and Southeast Asian food programming most of the time? I dunno, I called during Euros and they said they’d open for games, so I’d trust it.

Neighbors Germantown
313 Jefferson St. 37208 

Among multiple unofficial homes of Nashville SC’s largest supporter’s group, the Roadies. A ton of TV and generally willing to flip on as much soccer as you want as long as it’s what people want to watch.

Fleet Street Pub
207 Printers Alley 37201
615-200-0782 • @fleetstreetpub

One of very few true soccer bars in Nashville, Fleet is British-themed and willing to take that reputation and run with it. Soccer scarves all over the underground space – primarily Arsenal (it’s home to the Gooners), but other squads as well – and English pub fare. Open early for most soccer. Not a ton of TVs, but enough – especially if you’re there to see Arsenal. Official Pub Partner. Be forewarned – it’s very strict about being 21-and-up, so if your kids are Arsenal fans, too bad.

Plaza Mariachi
3961 Nolensville Pike 37211

For Spanish-language leagues or national teams, Plaza Mariachi gets huge turnouts. It is an indoor psuedo-mall with a big hall that’s largely a food court. There are also a couple restaurants inside and separate – particularly Cuban café Café Madera – that will have Latin American games on.

Safari Ranch Beach Club
330 Welch Rd, 37211
(615) 678-6943

Home to La Brigada de Oro, Nashville SC’s Latinx supporter’s group. Like Plaza Mariachi, it’s in the Nolensville corridor that’s home to much of Nashville’s immigrant community (Hispanic, North African, Middle Eastern, primarily), and there’s a lot of cool foreign culture that a visitor to Nashville might not expect to find in the South.

Noble’s Kitchen & Beer Hall
974 Main St. 37206
629-800-2050 • @Nobles_BeerHall

Another relatively new bar, Noble’s has a pretty cool space, with stage setups upstairs and down, but more of a focus on being a sports bar (“we need to have live music because we are in Nashville,” said way too many bar concepts). It’s the away game watch location for a couple NSC supporter’s groups, and the Nashville Spurs’ home that they don’t let away fans into.

The Lost Paddy
715 Spence Lane 37217
(615) 750-2744

Bear with me for a moment: this is the lobby bar of a fairly skeezy-looking motel. Despite that (it has a separate entrance and full doors between it and the motel, to be fair), it’s one of the true soccer bars in Nashville. It’s adopted multiple EPL supporter’s groups, most notably Man United (the manager is a supporter) and Everton, is willing to open at ungodly hours – and as the lobby bar of a hotel can legally do so in ways that some others cannot – and is essentially the replacement for the shuttered Franklin Abbey, which was most of these things without the hotel factor, and out in the burbs. This is very close to the airport and convenient to multiple highways, but otherwise sort of isolated geographically.

Bavarian Beerhaus
121 Opry Mills Dr. 37214
(615) 238-0687

Although it’s a chain-feeling restaurant inside an indoor outlet mall, I’d actually recommend giving this place a chance. It’s a huge beerhall-style place with legit German food. It’s home to a Bayern supporters group (and when Bayern plays during business hours they draw a good crowd, though they don’t open early for games), and this is also a Nashville SC pub partner, fwiw.

Party Fowl Donelson
2620 Lebanon Pike 37214 

Home of the Nashville Kop Liverpool supporter’s group. In the Donelson neighborhood east of the main part of town, but close to the airport.


King’s Bluff Brewery
128 University Ave, Clarksville 37040
(931) 919-9145

Don’t know anything about it, to be honest. It’s a Nashville SC pub partner though.

Party Fowl Murfreesboro
127 SE Broad St., Murfreesboro 37130

This was previously the Roadies outpost for Nashville SC games, though now it’s mostly the suburban companion to its Nashville sister restaurant, hosting Liverpool supporters.

If I’ve missed anything, or there’s a bar out there devoted to supporters’ groups from other Euro or some domestic leagues (I would imagine there’s some Liga MX coverage in the Nolensville area, just don’t know), drop a line in the comments and I’ll update to try to be comprehensive here.


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