Nashville SC

MLS Expansion: The waiting begins

Yesterday, the MLS Board of Governors met to discuss the four expansion candidates, and about 16 hours later, all we have to show for it is a pretty bland statement:


Is it a little surprising that there haven’t been any official-seeming leaks? I guess, but given that there was plenty of leaking earlier in the process (“Nashville is getting a team!” “Sacramento is a lock”), it makes sense for a bit of a lockdown from the council, and there’s probably a bit of diminished interest when folks now know something that has been speculated upon for months will be public knowledge within the next few days.

The one report I have seen that appeared to carry some credibility related to the method of announcing, rather than the cities that would be awarded: MLS brass, instead of announcing from the headquarters, would travel to the two cities individually to make announcements on-location.

The original speculation on an announcement out of the BOG meeting was that it would come Monday or Tuesday, so it’s theoretically possible¬†both days have announcements in different placesn.

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