Pitch Points is all booked up

Rounding up the links of local and national relevance in the world of soccer. As always, thanks for visiting FCAC. Follow on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, and if there’s anything you’d like me to include in one of these posts, go through those channels or drop me a line in the comments here. Busy social slate. On top of, uh, the season being days away, … Continue reading Pitch Points is all booked up

Pitch Points plays in Germany

Welcome to Pitch Points, wherein I round up some of the interesting links around the world of Nashville SC and US Soccer. As always, if you have something you want me to share, let me know in the comments or through social channels on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Bundimericans. The Bundesliga’s official site is perhaps not an unbiased source when it comes to why the … Continue reading Pitch Points plays in Germany

Nashville MLS stadium update

Did you think the Nashville MLS stadium was a done deal when every relevant piece of Metro legislation passed the Council Sept. 6? You should have been right! But you are not. Quickly, let’s run through the established timeline before getting into the updates (skip to below the bullets if you just want the latest): May 19, 2016: Nashville SC acquires Nashville FC’s intellectual property … Continue reading Nashville MLS stadium update

Pitch Points really doesn’t like Bruce Arena

“Pitch Points” is a phrase which here means “Geoff Cameron.” USMNTalk. New US Soccer president Carlos Cordeiro penned an open letter to the soccer community in our country: With the election behind us, I want to help unite us as one soccer family.  The individual passions that fueled each candidacy can help us fulfill the vast potential for our beloved game in the United States. … Continue reading Pitch Points really doesn’t like Bruce Arena

Pitch Points goes D-3

The USL’s second division moves toward its 2019 launch with its first team announcement, pro-rel on the horizon, women’s soccer, and much more! Who will be in USL D-3? For starters, Tormenta FC will move up from the PDL. SB Nation’s Orlando City blog has a few other likely choices. A healthy third division is important for the growth of soccer in this country (in … Continue reading Pitch Points goes D-3

What will NSC’s youth setup look like?

Per USSF rules, each Top Division team must have a development program at the youth level, and must at least participate in player development beyond the youth levels. From the USSF Professional League Standards (and in reverse order that I just mentioned them): Each U.S.‐based team must demonstrate a commitment to a player development program. This requirement may be satisfied by supporting either an amateur … Continue reading What will NSC’s youth setup look like?

Pitch Points has projected lineups

There are enough players to make a team. The official USL website hazards a lineup with the current NSC signings. I make it into graphics: I’d been planning to do a little of the same sort of exercise, but frankly I didn’t (and don’t) see a way all the players they had before this morning fill out a lineup. I sort of cheated by waiting to … Continue reading Pitch Points has projected lineups