Nashville SC

Club & Country podcast presented by ML Rose: A Message of Love, Support and Anger

Hey this episode of the pod is mostly not about soccer. Be forewarned. If Nashville Soccer Club’s complicity in gun violence is upsetting to you, it’s probably better to skip this one.

Monday, our community was shaken by a tragedy that is all too familiar across our country, but is even more visceral when it hits places that are familiar to us. Wes and Tim offer their thoughts on the tragedy, as well as tangible actions everyone can take to advocate for change.

Here are a few more: join Everytown for Gun Safety and Moms Demand Action. Email both of your US Senators here and here. Find and email your US Representative here, and your state legislators here.

Then, the duo answers mailbag questions about the loss to Cincinnati.

Club & Country is sponsored by M.L. Rose. For in-depth coverage of the Boys in Gold, visit

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