Nashville SC

Club & Country podcast presented by ML Rose: Jamie Watson: Taking a Bite of the MLS Apple

Hello, Wes has a case of the Mondays (a phrase which here means “work travelsies”). We released a bonus episode last week that will stand in as our traditional ep.

Jamie Watson was announced Monday as a member of Apple TV’s inaugural Major League Soccer broadcast team. Wes and Tim catch up with the former Nashville SC TV analyst to explore what led to the opportunity and how he’ll tell the MLS story at a national level.

  • How did he position himself for this opportunity?
  • How did his time with Nashville SC equip him for a national TV role?
  • How will his approach differ as he prepares for two new teams each week?
  • What will the Apple TV MLS product look like?
  • Venue he’s most excited to visit?
  • Team he’s most excited to call?
  • Karaoke song when he’s on the road?
  • An unsolicited M.L. Rose plug

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