Nashville SC

Nashville SC trades more international slots for GAM

Only the guy on the left is relevant to this. Photo from file.

NYCFC is the trade partner today:

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (Nov. 17, 2022) – Nashville Soccer Club announced today it has acquired $325,000 in 2023 General Allocation Money (GAM) and a natural third-round pick in the 2023 MLS SuperDraft from New York City FC in exchange for two 2023 international spots.

Transaction: Nashville SC trades two 2023 international spots to New York City FC for $325,000 in 2023 GAM and NYCFC’s natural third-round pick in the 2023 MLS SuperDraft.

Nashville SC release

Obviously, with only Aké Loba (and Rodrigo Piñeiro, should he return) in need of international slots, Nashville SC has plenty to go around. The level to which they are monetized has faded just a bit this offseason – NSC got $175k a pop for three, and $200k for a fourth just eight days ago – with these averaging $162,500 ini GAM (plus the draft pick, which NYCFC almost certainly sees as without value, and Nashville sees as having very limited value).

Nashville will most likely keep its final unused (assuming Piñeiro is loaned out again) slot available until the roster compliance deadline, in case of international signings. Of course, it’s also possible that the club tries to move the disappointing Loba, opening another slot, as well.

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