Nashville SC

Club & Country Podcast: #HotTimWinter is upon us

Nashville SC’s sophomore campaign ended with a thud against Philadelphia Union, but the Boys in Gold have plenty to look forward to. The Boys in Podcasting Studios break it all down.

Here’s what to expect in this one:

  • EARLY SHOUT: 4:04
    • Bolu Akinyode Goal of the Year
    • Opposing Goal of the Year
    • Gary Smith Result of the Year
    • Jim Curtin Opposing Result of the Year
    • Matt LaGrassa Most Valuable Invisible Player
    • Daryl Dike Most Valuable Opposing Player
    • Von Elrod’s Off-Field Moment of the Year
  • MAILBAG: 57:30
    • #HotTimWinter
    • What holes does Mike Jacobs need to fill this offseason?
    • How to get the most out of Ake Loba next year
    • Are there arguments FOR staying in the Western Conference beyond next year?
    • Should NSC embrace a villain role next year?
  • OUTSIDE N: 1:19:22
  • FINAL WHISTLE: 1:30:43

If you’d rather listen on Apple, Spotify, Google Play, or elsewhere, I’ve included those links as well:

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