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Club & Country Podcast: Concacaf Nations League champs! MLS Roster rules! More!

Tim Sullivan and Wes Boling sit down with the television voice of Nashville SC, Tony Husband, for a discussion of adaptation to the United States (after a long career with the BBC, including as a host of South Today), the early-season returns for Nashville SC, and more.

Tim Sullivan and Wes Boling look at an INSANE entry into the lore of the United States-Mexico rivalry within Concacaf, and then get into the nitty-gritty of what some roster designations mean for the Boys in Gold.

Here’s what you can look forward to in this one:

  • EARLY SHOUT — 3:28
    • One mini-update: Although the MLS roster site lists Randall Leal as a DP, he is no longer a designated player under the rules.
    • The concepts discussed in that section still apply generally, but Leal is no longer a specific example of it (as we noted – his salary is low enough that there’s a lot of flexibility for buy-downs, etc.)
  • MAILBAG — 37:11
  • OUTSIDE N — 54:07
  • FINAL WHISTLE — 59:52

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