Nashville SC

The playlist: Nashville SC at Atlanta United

For normal soccer stuff instead of music stuff, check out the game preview and all the linked content therein.

Nashville SC is Music City’s team. Each week, I’ll curate a playlist of songs that are relevant to the upcoming game. It begins with the latest edition of the Podcast, but if you’ve already listened (and rated, reviewed, subscribed, and told a friend), you can skip to the tunes after track one.

After a week in which it was hard to come up with much stuff outside of Blues-inspired rock, this week, it’s a playlist heavy in hip hop. And that’s sort of the conceit here: each week, The Playlist is to get you ready for that game, against that opponent (and this time around, in that city). Please enjoy.

If the embed doesn’t load, that’s because WordPress is trying to con me into upgrading my hosting. You can listen on Spotify directly here.

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