Nashville SC

Nashville SC stadium update: Now with webcams!

Finally it’s here (and public)! Nashville SC’s stadium site has its own official construction webcam site. Check it out here. If you’re trying to figure out what you’re looking at, I’ve put together this handy graphic:

Site plan by Mortensen/Messner. Graphic art by Tim Sullivan/For Club and Country

Camera 1 is mounted above the front corner of the construction site office. It also rotates about the vertical axis, so at a given time, you may be looking at something to the right or left of what I have depicted here – it also has zoom functions, so you may either see a wider or narrower view. Camera 2 has a wide-angle lens and is mounted atop the grandstand of Fairgrounds Speedway. It looks across a cleared area (the infamous parcel 8c for all my true stadiumheads) and you can really only see the stadium site proper in the distance.

If you’re interested in hearing the latest in the stadium saga from stakeholders, there’s a community meeting this afternoon/evening going on right now!, which you can register for here. Earlier this week, the club released renderings of the luxury suites, and opened them for purchase. The loge boxes sold out in under 48 hours, while nine of 25 suites are still available.

The timeline for the stadium’s opening remains early in the 2022 Major League Soccer season, and with major structural work coming in the not-so-distant future (with the world watching via internet!), we should be able to get a first feel for how closely the process will be able to stick to that schedule.

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