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Save Our Fairgrounds lawsuit dismissed with prejudice

It’s over, it’s finally over. The years-long battle between Save Our Fairgrounds (and their co-plaintiffs) and Metropolitan Nashville (along with Nashville Soccer Holdings and Walsh Management as intervening defendants) has been dismissed in Nashville Chancery Court by Chancellor Ellen Hobbs Lyle. The order to dismiss came with prejudice, meaning that the plaintiffs may not re-file the case.

There is a slim ground on which SOF et al could theoretically appeal, but in appealing the dismissal, they’d have to prove a violation of the law (i.e. an egregious misapplication of law in the dismissal – not wrongdoing per se) on the part of the Chancellor*.

* ClubCountryUSA dot com is not a lawyer – it is not even a person! it’s a website run by a person, who is also not a lawyer – but did consult with legal experts in coming to this conclusion. It’s obviously on the more complicated side in legalese, so there may be other technicalities available. Anyone who watched the trial on YouTube (I do not recommend this) probably has a firm grasp of whether opposing counsel has the chops to exploit loopholes.

After a separate lawsuit (not coincidentally, there was plenty of overlap on the plaintiff list with the SOF suit) was denied an injunction to halt construction at the fairgrounds – the demolition and grading of the site are long complete, and some concrete work has begun – the legal battles over the stadium are over. Other lawsuits on other grounds can and almost certainly will be filed, but for the time being, the runway is clear.

Completion of the stadium is expected by mid-May 2022. Nashville SC will play its home games in Nissan Stadium for the remainder of the 2020 season, the entirety of 2021, and possible the beginning of 2022 – though in the past, clubs working on stadium situations in the Spring have had back-loaded home schedules.

Full text of the ruling can be read here:


    1. To me, it seems there’s a common thread in lawsuits against Metro taken in bad faith. But again, just one guy’s opinion.


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