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Welcome to Pitch Points, wherein I run through some links of interest in the world of Nashville SC, US Soccer, and more. As always, if you come across something you think would be of interest in one of these pieces, feel free to share with me via social media or e-mail.

Nashville SC players: good dudes

After his move from Saprissa to Nashville SC, winger Randall Leal found himself in possession of more money than he had access to in Costa Rica. He used it to buy his mother a house:

Leal supo que al dar el salto a la MLS su salario mejoraría, por lo que llevó un objetivo con él: ahorrar lo suficiente para poder cumplir el sueño de su madre de comprar una casa propia, y lo ha hecho realidad luego de 5 meses de vivir en Estados Unidos.


Understandably, this has gone over very well. It’s a good thing to do! Other Central American media have seized upon it as a story, as well.

Meanwhile, right back Brayan Beckeles was known for his charity work and generosity with migrant workers when he played for Club Necaxa in Liga MX. This dude was driving around picking people up from the street and giving them a place to sleep.

Beckeles contó que en tiempo libre salía buscar a los emigrantes y sin conocerlos los subía al carro y los llevaba a comer y les daba donde dormir “eso me llenaba de satisfacción que durmieran bien”.

Diario Más

That’s: “Beckeles told that in his free time, he went out to look for the migrants and without knowing them, picked them up in his car and carried them to eat and gave them a place to sleep, ‘this filled me with satisfaction that they slept well.'”

Nashville SC General Manager Mike Jacobs talks a lot about how he wants to be sure signings meet certain criteria that make up the “NSC DNA.” Leal’s actions show that he certainly meets or exceeds expectations in the department of high character. Beckeles’s… those go waaay above and beyond? I’ll say.

The Orlando thing

The rumors, reporting, etc. on the hopeful plan for MLS to play a tournament in Orlando to ensure there’s some kind of 2020 season continue to develop. The funny part, to me (also: everyone else), is that Don Garber is so heated about the detail leaks that he’s issuing threats to league and club personnel. Naturally, the memo in which the punishments are detailed… leaked.

The memo, a copy of which was acquired by The Athletic on Friday afternoon, cites leaked information “impacting our negotiations with players, commercial partners and local authorities” regarding a potential return from its COVID-19 suspension. Garber added that the leaks could “severely imperil the future of our League.”

On the topic of the tournament itself… I want to see soccer as much as anyone. Is it worth putting lives at risk or blowing a ton of money to try to avoid putting lives at risk (and most likely, some of each of those)? I’m not so sure. Nobody’s happy about a situation in which we’re all just sitting around waiting out a pandemic – or in some unfortunate instances, proving how badass we are by not choosing to follow guidelines, thereby extending the timeline – but safety has gotta be first here, IMO.

Dax McCarty is a media star

This is known.

Nashville SC captain Dax McCarty explained to’s The Kickaround Live why NSC was the choice for him.

He also broke down who would be in his cabinet if he were… the soccer president? Analogy breaks down pretty quickly. Interestingly, a Gary Smith original (who I always thought NSC would try to sign away for the final USL season, until he was extended by Atlanta United and clearly priced out of USL range) would be his running mate. No word on whether co-gingerdom was the overriding factor in that choice, or just a small contribution.

Tactical talk

Joe Lowery’s new(ish) Twitter series “Way-too specific USMNT analysis” is very good. Here’s one of the more tactically in-depth pieces, though they’re all worth your time:

Elsewhere in tactics… Tactical breakdown of the Inter Miami/LAFC opener.

Etc.’s Charles Boehm on the developing state of the game south of the Mason-Dixon. … Jack Maher note in an IU-centric story about MLS’s top prospects list. … Speaking of which, Matt LaGrassa and Brian Tah Anunga get a shoutout from the USL website for, uh, not being in USL., sort of. … David Accam’s wild 2020 to date. … Cameron Lancaster is a Spurs prospect who didn’t pan out. … DaMarcus Beasley is putting together the financing for his very own USL League One team. Player-coach-owner or bust.

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