Nashville SC

La Brigada de Oro aims for diversity and inclusion

Nashville SC’s supporter’s collective, The Backline, has several founding member Supporters Groups. The casual fan may be aware of the Assembly, the Roadies, or other members. La Brigada de Oro, the newest founding member.

Announced with official founder status just over a week ago, La Brigada aims to appeal to the Latino community. While Latin-American supporters have been welcome in other supporters groups from the beginning, having a dedicated group – operating in both Spanish and English – can help engage the community in Nashville SC fandom.

“Diversity,” explained co-founder Abel Acosta. “Diversity is a key word. We already had five original supporters groups and I just wanted another one to help everybody feel more welcome. It’s not that the other ones didn’t feel welcoming, but we can reach out a little easier to make them feel like, as far as communication barrier. That’s a big, big key. That was the key ingredient and big driving force behind this: the communication factor.”

Nashville SC’s on-field product has added a Latin flair as the club enters Major League Soccer, as well. While the final entry in the USL Championship last season had just one Mexican player – striker Daniel Ríos, who finished second int he league in goal-scoring – there are many more Central and South American additions for the 2020 season.

Honduran Brayan Beckeles, Panamanian Aníbal Godoy, Costa Rican Randall Leal, and Colombians Jimmy Medranda and Miguel Nazarit will also take the field for NSC this Summer. Touchpoints with the Latin-American community in Nashville can only help to build the NSC brand in Music City.

More important will be the product on the field. In that regard, a good showing in the season opener can go a long way. Atlanta United is another club that has built its reputation on the performances of talented Latin American players, with a host of Argentines supporting Paraguayan star Miguel Almirón (who moved to the English Premier League’s Newcastle United last January) and one of the most impressive goal-scorers MLS has ever seen in Venezuelan Josef Martínez.

It’s a team with just as much Latin-American flair in the fanbase that Acosta and other members of La Brigada are most excited to face, though.

“I think just like anybody we’re all looking forward to Atlanta United,” Acosta said. “That’s a natural rivalry and you know they’re going to bring people. More than anything, you know they’re going to bring people. It’s a local rivalry, so you know people are going to come.

“Honestly, I personally as a Latin supporter, I am looking very much forward to LA Galaxy, LAFC. [Their fans will be] really in tune that way, and in the communication aspect a little bit.”

You can connect with the group and join La Brigada de Oro at their website.

Graphic courtesy La Brigada de Oro. A portion of this interview previously appeared on

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