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MLS Soccer features on Nashville SC

Our Valiant Hero wrote a trio of stories out for out of Nashville SC’s jersey launch party. Here they are.

Hany Mukhtar ready for the honor and responsibility of being key to Nashville SC in the  inaugural season:

“I’m 24, so I have still 10 years to go,” he said. “I learned from the past. When I was 17, 18, I had big goals, crazy goals. Now I’ve learned to take it step by step. First now, be healthy, make a good preseason, try to get as fast as possible adapting to the league. But first, healthy, perform, be the best Hany Mukhtar I can, and that’s my goal.”

Supporters gearing up for the season and making travel plans:

It’s a far less simple affair to travel to Portland. Valair Shabilla couldn’t pass up the opportunity to take in his team’s first-ever road MLS match on March 8.

“It’s not a convenient trip – it’s anything but that, honestly,” he said. “I just needed to go because traveling away is one of the most fun memories I’ll have of MLS. We’ve all heard about the soccer culture in Portland. Being it’s the first road game, there’s no way I could miss it.”

MLS veterans ready to prove Mike Jacobs right when he said they were considered undervalued by previous clubs.

“It means the world to me to be somebody that the club looked to reach out to a make a part of such a project as this,” Lovitz said. “It speaks volumes to what they think of me, and I couldn’t be more humbled and honored for the opportunity. I’m grateful and humble, but energized more than anything to be in a place that I’m happy to call home and I’m looking forward to winning in these colors.”

“Check ’em out!”

Graphic courtesy Nashville SC

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