Nashville SC

The Titans as a soccer team

This is s stupid idea worthy of a Pharma Soccer bit. But alas, we soldier on. Sorry.

Behold, Tennessee Titans FC:


GK – Jonnu Smith. Which position on a football team is known for having big, athletic guys with great hands? You know, those qualities you’re looking for in a goalkeeper? How about a tight end!

CB – Derrick Henry, Taylor Lewan, Brett Kern. Three very different players populate the backline. Henry has the size and strength to take on all comers defensively, but he’s also most comfortable with the ball, so he can be our defender who gets forward – Virgil Van Dijk style.. Taylor Lewan is certainly big and strong, and he brings a little of that borderline-dirty play needed to mess with the heads of opposing strikers. Kern brings the big leg, and he can play the ball long out of the back because TBH I don’t think we’re gonna be able to possess a whole lot.

WB – Speed for days. Cornerback Adoreé Jackson and slot receiver Kalif Raymond can get up and down the touchline to provide service to the forwards, and track back defensively, as well. We saw last night that Raymond can get in-behind, for sure.

CM – Three different types of player here. Tannehill is excellent on the deep bomb, and we’ll keep him a little deeper in the midfield to hit those diagonal balls to the wingers, or to straight-up play direct to the strikers. Evans plays next to him as a destroyer (a little more literally than the typical soccer context), and providing sideline-to-sideline defensive cover. Mariota – who was benched earlier this season – may be a controversial choice. However, he’s a creative and athletic player, solid in his distribution. Playing him in the offensive end means that the lack of confidence to hit the deep ball isn’t going to harm his productivity.

F – Once again, different types of players in the role. Davis is your target striker, known for the pace to get in behind, and his aerial quality is outstanding. You have to worry that he’s going to be tempted to use his hands, rather than his head, to finish crosses off, though. As an alumnus of Western Michigan, he probably picked up some soccer knowledge during his away games at Akron. Byard provides the striker version of that “tough SOB” characteristic that Lewan brought on the other side of the ball, and is an aggressive player in the counterpress.

Again, I am so, so sorry.

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