Nashville SC

The GIFening: Nashville SC 0-1 Indy Eleven

ayozereplay.2019-11-07 10_22_12
From behind, no attempt on the ball, swing the second leg through… no idea why (other than his apparent desire to become Enzo Martinez) Ayoze tried to complain about a card here.
belmarchance.2019-11-07 10_23_53
ehhh.2019-11-07 10_24_59
This is good defense… but the foul is a dive.
“Mama said don’t fight, we did anyway, mis-behavin'”
grassayellow.2019-11-07 10_26_14
kingdeadleg.2019-11-07 10_38_09
This dead-leg from Darnell King is very underappreciated.
lassocollisionpickenssave.2019-11-07 10_11_31
lebolosesit.2019-11-07 10_46_38
This sort of “get into a good position but misplace or mishandle a pass” was too common against a good defense.
nogoal.2019-11-07 10_52_02
That’s an offside.
nogoal.2019-11-07 11_01_28
powertrip.2019-11-07 11_04_22
TFW you’re definitely performing legitimate game-management duties, and not just on a power trip to prove that you’re the one in charge.
riosspin.2019-11-07 11_06_02
winnhackshaw.2019-11-07 11_09_02
“Match Winn up with a CB” is almost always a good offensive gameplan. Not against Neveal Hackshaw.
winnshot.2019-11-07 11_10_08
One of the better chances of the night (which says its own thing, of course).
winnshot.2019-11-07 11_11_18
Couldn’t tuck it into the far post.
indygoal.2019-11-07 10_32_13
😦 😦
😦 😦 😦 

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