Nashville SC

The GIFening: Nashville SC 3-1 Charleston Battery

It’s game GIFs from a playoff win:

bosua wide.2019-10-31 18_10_48
Yo this was closer to a goal than it seemed (though Pickens may have been able to stop something on-frame).
chs goal
The stutter-step gets its job done.
chs post.2019-10-31 18_12_30
Juuuust a bit outside (barely).
davis clap.2019-10-31 18_14_01
When you, a fan, are enjoying the soccer. 
davis uh fouled.2019-10-31 18_15_27
This is what it’s like when worlds collide. Probably. (Also, it was the wrong call, but I see why the official gave this to Nashville: Nelson leaves his foot in while not playing the ball, then leans forward to make Davis go through him. Then he tries to sell it pretty theatrically).
davis yellow.2019-10-31 18_16_42
Hey give me the ball.
icons.2019-10-31 18_18_39
Wow, two icons doing king things.
jones celebration and goal.2019-10-31 18_20_46
Happy boiz
jones goal
jones late chance.2019-10-31 18_29_55
Coulda had a second. Derrick Jones is a problem on offense.
king yellow.2019-10-31 18_31_18
Hey man, share with me.
lasso pen.2019-10-31 18_32_43
Yeah, that’s a pen (it’s almost certainly not a card, despite plenty of Twitter whinging Saturday night: Lasso is attempting to play the ball, and it’s not a DOGSO situation. Penalty, no card).
lebo foul.2019-10-31 18_35_36
This looks like it really hurt!
lebogoal.2019-10-30 16_28_09
lebogoal.2019-10-30 16_30_03
Ríos goal
I mistakenly said in The Graphical that the keeper gave up two soft goals. This was not included, and it’s the softest of the bunch. Howlers for days from Officer Kuzminsky.
Ríos saved.2019-10-31 18_37_20
He did, however, make a great play here.
soccer gods
When ur striking a deal with the soccer gods.
taylor slide and cross.2019-10-31 18_39_04
Nelson flying into the boards really ties the room together.
triple chance.2019-10-31 18_40_52
Bad luck not to get a better crack on one of the three, with a lucky save on Winn’s attempt.
washington backheel.2019-10-31 18_42_42
Love me a good backheel.
winn ankle breaker.2019-10-31 18_44_14
AJ Paterson probably should have just kept running, and gone to grab a drink at the Band Box.
winn endline run.2019-10-31 18_46_04
Alan Winn can beat a dude off the dribble, for sure.
winn long range.2019-10-31 18_52_01
He can also come within about a foot of scoring a banger.


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