Nashville SC

The GIFening: Nashville SC 3-0 Atlanta United 2

Hey: got way behind on content. Getting this out of the way before moving on to the playoff stuff. Enjoy the moving pictures.

akinyodethroughrios.2019-10-29 14_12_26
This throughball from Akinyode is ridiculous, at least in part because of the ridiculous follow-through.
earlypickens.2019-10-29 14_16_14
An early save for Matt Pickens.
EFFORT.2019-10-29 14_17_30
Get u a man who puts in the defensive effort of Guillermo Benitez*
grassafoul.2019-10-29 14_18_48
Opinion: “ouch!”
You versus the guy she told you has a 3-0 lead.
uh, same.
lassogoal.2019-10-29 14_25_29
pickenssave.2019-10-29 14_26_59
This was going wide, but the full stretch from Pickens is impressive.
pickenssave2.2019-10-29 14_52_09
“There’s only one….”
rioschip.2019-10-29 14_54_47
Attempted chip.
riosgoal2.2019-10-29 14_57_27
Free ride for 42, Barajas and Metcalf just got more generalized embarrassment
riosreplay.2019-10-29 15_00_12
Including a five-hole for Metcalf.
riosreplay.2019-10-29 15_00_52
“Are you not entertained?!?!?”
ropapaGGtorios.2019-10-29 15_02_32
A nice give-and-go, the header is just off-balance.
ropapaleft.2019-10-29 15_03_55

* Under no circumstances do I recommend getting u one of these.


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