Nashville SC

The GIFening: Nashville SC 2-1 Louisville City FC

Nashville got a big win. It was also extremely conducive to lovely moving pictures. These are those pictures.

ah. well
Ah. Well. Darn.
bourgeoismiss.2019-10-16 18_37_05
No dab?
Davisface.2019-10-16 18_35_45
Ow my face
kingrun.2019-10-16 18_34_09
Look at the gravity Ropapa has with those defenders
lassolineclearance.2019-10-16 18_30_37
For the crest
lassolineclearance.2019-10-16 18_31_34
Off the line
lassorecovery.2019-10-16 18_28_43
Recovery run
lebooutsideboot.2019-10-16 18_27_13
This was a dope ball from he outside of the foot by Lebo Moloto. Alas, Ríos couldn’t quite get there.
LOUchance.2019-10-16 18_03_40
Just wide.
To me, “a bummer.”
NSHgoal1.2019-10-16 17_49_48
NSHgoal1endzone.2019-10-16 17_57_01
More viewz
Happy Boiz
Not up for goal of the week lol
pickenssave1.2019-10-16 18_07_02
Not up for save of the week lol
pickensstoppagesave.2019-10-16 18_11_59
Also not up for save of the week lol
riostouch.2019-10-16 18_05_08
Ríos hasn’t had a great few weeks on the ball, but this is a great touch.
ropapachance.2019-10-16 18_00_04
Ropapa with the speed and look at the power behind the ball.
ropapapen.2019-10-16 18_01_39
Live I wasn’t sure, but I’m 100% convinced this was a penalty (only not given because of Ropapa’s developing reputation as a diver). Del Piccolo isn’t even pretending to play the ball, just sees he’s beaten and throws a shoulder into the opponent’s neck. Even if Ropapa embellishes, that’s a penalty. 
speedyfoul.2019-10-16 18_09_01
This also wasn’t a card, somehow. “Ignore ball, tackle player by the midsection” was deemed legal in this one.

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