Nashville SC

The GIFening: Loudoun United 0-2 Nashville SC

Welcome to The GIFening! Moving pictures from Nashville SC’s 2-0 win at Loudoun United

davisheaderfoul.2019-10-02 15_09_02
Physical game.
edwardsbobble.2019-10-02 15_21_15
isaidbackupbitch.2019-10-02 15_19_31
“Yo, he said back OFF.” – Justin Davis
kingpen.2019-10-02 15_14_31
Lotta ball there, maybe a little too much acting to get the call, but a lot of contact there, too.
lebomugged.2019-10-02 15_23_49
*Curb Your Enthusiasm theme plays*
leboyellow.2019-10-02 15_26_52
molotoscuff.2019-10-02 15_28_46
A nice look from Ríos. Moloto has to at least put it on frame, I’d say.
nyemanshot.2019-10-02 15_16_26
A nice crack from a 15(!)-year old in Moses Nyeman.
papagoal.2019-10-02 15_36_34
Bang bang.
papaheader.2019-10-02 15_39_36
Close to a second just before half.
papaleftycross.2019-10-02 15_47_45
Ropapa Mensah’s long-rumored left foot exists!
rioschance.2019-10-02 15_53_08
Ríos had a few good chances in this one. 
riosfouled.2019-10-02 15_54_53
Physical game.
rioshug.2019-10-02 15_56_32
“Mom, tell him to leave me alone.” “I’m not hitting you, I’m not hitting you.”
riosmiss.2019-10-02 16_06_36
I would have gladly taken a swing-away with the right.
Untitled 3.2019-10-02 15_11_58
Juuuuust a bit outside.
ropapafoule.2019-10-02 16_08_56
Physical game.
tribbettclear.2019-10-02 16_13_41
Clean sheet preserver.

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