Nashville SC

The GIFening: Nashville SC 1-0 Birmingham Legion

belmarfoul.2019-09-25 11_59_51
“Sweep the leg!” – John Kreese, 1984 All-Valley Karate Championship 
One of many “almosts” for NSC on the night
bolunoyellow.2019-09-25 12_01_51
“Sweep the leg!” – John Kreese, 1984 All-Valley Karate Championship 
Happy boiz
goal.2019-09-25 12_03_49
goal.2019-09-25 12_13_49
goodcounter.2019-09-25 12_18_00
After a nice counter-attack, Matt LaGrassa treats you like a dummy.
kingyellow.2019-09-25 12_22_45
Seems unnecessary, IMO.
lagrassapost.2019-09-25 12_24_48
“Half an inch the other way, and you would have missed completely.”
lagrassavolley.2019-09-25 12_27_41
lassofoul.2019-09-25 12_29_38
Come for the foul, stay for the Academy Award-winning performances from many sides, many sides.
lmaonoyellow.2019-09-25 12_32_38
You know that thing where you get beaten oh the dribble, so you shoulder-block the player who beat you and grab the ball in your hands, and don’t even get a talking-to, much less a yellow card? (Obviously in this case it worked out for Nashville SC because he also put the ball in his own damn net later in the game).
ockfordheader.2019-09-25 12_35_00
This would have been a very fun goal.
punchingup.2019-09-25 12_37_31
Punching up is a term for deploying powerful techniques of criticism and rhetoric to critique and dismantle power structures, rather than to harm people disempowered relative to yourself.
ropapahead.2019-09-25 12_38_48
Opinion: “Ow.”
ropapanocall.2019-09-25 12_42_16
Ref plays advantage, Birmingham player knocks it over his own endline… goal kick. Neat.
ropapashot.2019-09-25 12_43_57
I talk a lot about how the ball just comes off Daniel Ríos’s foot differently than it does other USL players. Ropapa’s got it, too. Just up that stamina and work on the left foot, and his potential is 💯
shoulder2shoulder.2019-09-25 12_45_15
Just two guys coming together for a love tap.
tribbettheader.2019-09-25 12_47_13
So close.
tribbettyellow.2019-09-25 12_49_37
1) Beat player to ball 2) get stepped on in the process 3) get yellow card? o…k….
williamswhistler.2019-09-25 12_51_40
Ball jumps off JJ Williams’s foot, too.
winndribble.2019-09-25 12_53_34
“LOL, bye”
winnshot.2019-09-25 12_58_13
Tiny window against a good keeper, but this was a dangerous shot nonetheless.

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