Nashville SC

The GIFening: Saint Louis FC 1, Nashville SC 0

Saturday’s result was disappointing, and… well, there wasn’t a ton of positive stuff to clip. Alas, duty calls. Feel free to save and re-use any GIFs at your leisure.

akinyodeshot.2019-09-12 15_12_30
This was on-frame without the deflection, but looks like Fenlason had it covered.
kingclear.2019-09-12 15_14_04
Pretty sure this ends up a goal without King’s intervention.
kingfoul.2019-09-12 15_16_31
Some Saint Louis dude on Twitter complained incessantly during the game that King didn’t get a yellow card for this play… which, if anything, is a yellow/red borderline play from the STLFC player.
lancastershot.2019-09-12 15_18_37
One of NSC’s best chances of the night.
lassofoul.2019-09-12 15_20_39
Lasso complained a lot about being called for this foul, but TBQH it seems fair.
lassotackle.2019-09-12 15_22_23
This interception (and controlling the ball at the end of it!) was dope.
leboscuff.2019-09-12 15_23_53
This was a nicely-executed play by Lebo Moloto… until the shot.
pickenssave.2019-09-12 15_25_22
ropapashot.2019-09-12 15_27_28
Wasn’t beating Fenlason from that angle and distance.
ropapasmooth.2019-09-12 15_29_02
This is a very cool trap.
STLchance.2019-09-12 15_33_56
STLFK.2019-09-12 15_35_40
Build that wall.
stlgoal.2019-09-12 15_40_28
I, for one, am not in favor.
stlrightbeforethegoal.2019-09-12 15_43_46
Clearing the ball became a problem around the 70th minute. This is shortly before the goal
stlsail.2019-09-12 15_45_29
If he’d been able to whip his foot across the back of it just a bit more, this might have bent in.
STLshot.2019-09-12 15_47_02
This is not the same play as the “oof” above. It is, however, also an oof.
STLspinmove.2019-09-12 15_48_42
Fair is fair: Spin cycle.

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