Nashville SC

Nashville SC provides stadium update, renderings

Nashville SC CEO Ian Ayre provided a stadium update to the Nashville Sports Authority Board this morning, including several new renderings of the Major League Soccer stadium:


The key points from Ayre’s presentation include an updated expenditure (the ownership group will invest $50-70 million additional capital – unless the initial $225 million in bonds, it is not municipal financing that the group will pay off, but rather out-of-pocket expense for the franchise).

Final renderings are expected at some point in October, though obviously the design process with architecture firm Populous and other stakeholders has been going on long enough that we can assume these are reasonably close to what the final design will look like. Ayre did note that the architecture of the surrounding Wedgewood-Houston neighborhood served as inspiration. I like that idea – reminds me of when the University of Michigan renovated Michigan Stadium, taking the exterior design from a mostly fiberglass monstrosity to a brick-and-arches theme that matches the rest of the campus.

He also noted that the project remains on-schedule, which I wouldn’t note if not for the fact that one of the anti-stadium propagandists has been providing easily-falsified information to the contrary (“our lawsuit has already slowed things down” is a straight-up lie when injunctive relief has been denied at every turn).

The team’s official site provides a few more details, including that the North End will be the supporter’s area, with a festival-type common area outside the seating area to provide a gathering point for all.


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