Nashville SC

The GIFening: Nashville takes down Hartford

Obviously running way behind here. Travel last week and two excruciating days without a computer this week (this situation is resolved though!) caught up to me. The rest of the Bethlehem content will come early next week, with the Charlotte preview the focus first.

Anyway, here’s the GIFening. No, I am not going to include one of… that.

When mom says you can stay out past curfew, but then changes her mind.
Big man gets it done.
Daniel Ríos is good, IMO.
Late-charging Winn makes Moloto’s bad touch (er, TOTALLY INTENTIONAL BACKHEEL) into an assist.
I am not familiar with this celebration but I enjoy it.
🎶 “If you’re an O.G. mack or a wannabe player” 🎶
Not the worst call, but when the dude is so clearly selling the contact, it’s not gonna get called that often.
Ball don’t lie.

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