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The Wrap: Nashville SC 2-0 Indy Eleven

Welcome to The Wrap, wherein I recap the content from last week’s Nashville SC game. The Boys in Gold took home the season sweep in the Tennessee Derby last Wednesday. 

Local content

Halftime reset and the game story:

 Last year’s team couldn’t score consistently? Add the Golden Boot winner – and the runner-up in that race – to the roster. It’s the latter who remains in the mix for the award in 2019, and Daniel Ríos added to his tally with 13th goal of the year, bringing him within one of leader Solomon Asante of Phoenix Rising. (Alas, last year’s champ, Cameron Lancaster, has been in and out of Nashville’s lineup with injury).

Have problems with defense? Add one of the USL’s top defenders in the offseason, and when that player, Ken Tribbett, gets knocked out of the lineup with injury (and the Boys in Gold began to leak goals), feel free to add two players on loan from MLS teams.

The game column with quotes from the postgame press conference:

The MLS preview factor is certainly one Nashville SC didn’t want to focus on, but it’s also something that they couldn’t avoid. Playing in a massive venue in front of 13,047 fans, you can’t help but remember the stakes not just in the league table, but on an individual basis going forward.

“I mean it’s exciting, Winn said. “Playing in a crowd like that, you get hyped up a little bit more, regardless of what you think. Obviously, if there’s four people or there’s 13,000, you want to have the same mentality. But it does give a little motivation, and it’s crazy to see how Nashville’s grown, and how committed they are to soccer in these past two years. We’re trying out and hoping to make it, because it’s a beautiful thing to see.”

The voting post for your community ratings, and here are the results (don’t forget to vote each game!):

  • Man of the match: M Alan Winn: 9.11 (I believe highest in NSC community ratings history). Community comments:
    • “Alan Winn has always been a great player, but the past two games, he’s been a beast in every aspect. I will be devastated if he isn’t on our team next year.”
    • “Stay on healthy, stay on healthy”
    • “Dominate”
    • “High potential”
  • GK Matt Pickens: 8.89 Community comments:
    • “It’s easy to look at the scoreboard and take the man for granted, but Pickens made some regal saves in this game and helped orchestrate a less-familiar defense into an evolving attack. Crucial and on-point as ever.”
    • “Fair shout for MotM”
    • “Very strong performance and vital saves”
    • “Strong performance”
  • D Jimmy Ockford: 7.89 Community comments:
    • “Phenomenal. It’s amazing how well he’s already assimilated into this team. He communicates with teammates as effectively as he disrupts opponents.”
    • “Most headed clearances?”
  • D Taylor Washington: 7.44
  • D Kosuke Kimura: 7.39 Community comments:
    • “Kimura continues to play the length of the field tirelessly. Almost assisted Indy in scoring on their own goal tonight, but more importantly, Kimura prevented Indy’s biggest playmakers from building momentum – let alone finishing a run. Most dynamic and underrated player on the field.”
    • “Steady as you go”
  • D Forrest Lasso: 7.00 Community comments:
    • “I wasn’t expecting much after three days, but solid performance. Looking forward to seeing him develop with the team.”
    • “Dominating debut, like the hype”
    • “Very limited mobility and speed.”
    • “Lack of speed and mobility”
    • “Bye bye Doyle! (Seriously, it’s hard to see Doyle getting much playing time when Lasso is available).”
  • M Lebo Moloto: 8.22 Community comments:
    • “Maestro”
    • “Another strong performance”
    • “Playmaker”
  • M Michael Reed: 7.33 Community comment:
    • “Solid”
  • M Bolu Akinyode: 7.16 Community comments:
    • “Bo knows”
    • “Solid first half and insecure 2e half”
  • M Kharlton Belmar: 6.23 Community comments:
    • “I could feel Belmar’s frustration on the finish of those shots, but otherwise, he played and adapted well.”
    • “Missed his opportunity”
    • “Followed up feisty outing in Memphis with a good effort”
  • F Daniel Ríos: 8.50 Community comments:
    • “Always great. Calm, collected. Didn’t deserve the card.”
    • “Strong, smart, deadly, surprisingly quick, sticky feet”
    • “I think I’m falling in love again”
  • D/M Ken Tribbet Darnell King (67′): 6.83
    • “6 at 6?”
  • F Ropapa Mensah (78′): 6.40
    • “Not much to do”
  • D Justin Davis (82′): 6.38
  • Head coach Gary Smith: 7.89 Community comments:
    • “Did not get kicked out of the game!”
      “Fantastic. Stayed for both halves.”
    • “Should have pulled Winn 10mn earlier when he was grabbing his calf”
    • “Made very defence moves in the last 30 minutes of the game.”
    • “Good call going with a hot Winn and turning the front 4 loose on Indy”
    • “Changed to an extreme defensive play style in the 2nd half.”
  • Overall team rating: 8.17 Community comments:
    • “Great start to the back half”
      “Good win Nashville SC”
      “The attack was fun to watch”

The Graphical:

They were also very successful with these [dribbling] attempts, completing a season-high 18 of them (tied with the same Memphis game). Here’s what they looked like:

Screen Shot 2019-08-01 at 10.10.33 AM
Attacking left-to-right

That, to me, is good.

No time for a GIFening this week. We regret the error.Check it out for more of them.

The film room dove into Alan Winn’s goal, and how Michael Reed and Lebo Moloto made it happen:

Moloto knows what’s going to happen, so he doesn’t need to hesitate on the ball: Winn is going to get behind offensive-minded wingback Ayoze García Pérez, and from there, it’s just the individual talent of Winn to beat the final defender and finish.

wingoal.2019-08-01 16_19_03.gif
Ayoze where u @ 

That he has a couple really good passing options (Kharlton Belmar and Reed) in the box – that he ultimately doesn’t take – speaks further to the way Reed and Moloto’s line-breaking passes created massive openings.


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