Nashville SC

The GIFening: Louisville City FC 2-1 Nashville SC

Nashville couldn’t hold a lead in Derby City. See moving pictures from the action here. (Sorry for all the “officiating??” ones. I tried to avoid it as much as possible but this game really was something special in that regard). Don’t forget to vote in the community ratings if you haven’t done so yet.

akinyodepenfoul.2019-07-10 13_08_06
Honestly… probably a penalty. The inconsistency (in comparison to even more obvious shouts on the other end) is the frustration.
akinyodeshiver.2019-07-10 13_30_32
This wasn’t called.
filmroom2.2019-07-10 11_38_12
Sparrow was on one.
kingfoul.2019-07-10 12_34_52
Beat player to ball (Craig never even comes particularly close to it), get his studs across your shin with his late challenge, get called for foul. Rough one for Darnell King. (Any competent official calls this at least a yellow card on Craig, a strict one sends him off immediately).
lancasternopen.2019-07-10 12_40_19
Meanwhile, this didn’t get called either. Lancaster actually gets punished for trying to continue playing rather than embellishing.
LouGoal2replays.2019-07-09 12_55_27
molotoyellow.2019-07-10 13_14_30
This is a yellow card. Somehow.
morelikeraspoossen.2019-07-10 13_06_14
To me, more like – get this, folks – RasPOOssen
postsave.2019-07-10 12_56_40
Post with a big save
rioscelebration.2019-07-10 13_26_55
riosgoal.2019-07-10 13_23_05
The goal that preceded it
rioslmao.2019-07-10 12_59_07
Craig STOPS PLAYING because he’s like “there’s no fucking way I got away with that one LOL.” No call. You may note this is the third very obvious call against him missed already in this post.
setpiecegoal.2019-07-10 12_52_23
Bummer. Adding (literal) injury to insult, see if you can spot Matt LaGrassa landing on Akinyode’s foot.
sparrowfouled.2019-07-10 12_45_26
Honestly, I don’t think this is a foul (it was called one). Louisville player gets to the ball first, and Sparrow’s moving at him from the side more than anything.
sparrowsave.2019-07-10 13_12_36
Big save here.
washot.2019-07-10 13_03_22
Absolutely understand Washington’s mindset here: “whatever you do, don’t put it over.” Alas, led to not getting enough on the ball.

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