Nashville SC

The GIFening: North Carolina FC 1-0 Nashville SC

Welcome to The GIFening, wherein there are moving pictures from Nashville SC’s more recent game. A 1-0 loss in the Research Triangle is today’s source material.

davisface.2019-07-04 11_05_48
ow my face
Kosukeface.2019-07-04 11_00_44
ow mine too
lancasterhigh.2019-07-04 11_10_51
Juuuuust a bit high
middlechance.2019-07-04 11_12_34
Lancaster can’t swing first-time, then the lefty attempt is blocked.
ncgoalreplays.2019-07-04 11_26_30
NCFC scores the lone goal of the night
papabackheel.2019-07-04 11_16_06
Nice backheel by Ropapa. No idea on which planet a shot here (even a potentially bad one) isn’t the obvious choice to be immediately taken.
riosFK.2019-07-04 11_17_18
Ríos was clooooose on this FK.
riosshot.2019-07-04 11_02_38
NSC’s best chance of the first half.
sparrowandbourgeois.2019-07-04 11_07_42
Sparrow-Bourgeois 2020.
sparrowcornersave.2019-07-04 11_04_21
Reflex save.
winnfouled.2019-07-04 11_18_28
You know that thing where you get beaten, then grab the player around the neck from behind and don’t get a card? 
winnheadon.2019-07-04 11_19_45
Winn’s header bounces just a bit high for Lancaster to have a chance.
winnnice.2019-07-04 11_14_46
Yo, the first touch and the meg are sick here. Just needs some final product.
winntorios.2019-07-04 11_21_25
Great throughball from Winn. Ríos’s shit leaves something to be desired (anything on frame could produce a nice rebound for Lancaster or Winn).

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