Nashville SC

The GIFening: Hartford Athletic 2-3 Nashville SC

The Boys in Gold took home a massive road win Sunday. Welcome to The GIFening, wherein I share some of the top moments in animated image form.

hartFK.2019-06-20 10_27_07
This would have been an extremely nice goal, IMO.
HRTgoal.2019-06-20 10_42_45
HRTsecond.2019-06-20 10_59_46
😦 😦 
jdchance.2019-06-20 11_09_23
If JD had backheeled this in, all of Hartford would have had to quit soccer. Them’s the rules.
JDhandball.2019-06-20 10_55_03
Might not have been a handball… hard to fault the ref for thinking otherwise (and in a non-VAR world, they’re going to err that way rather than the opposite).
kingclear.2019-06-20 10_31_17
King of the North or whatever.
lancasterFK.2019-06-20 11_10_44
To me, Cameron Lancaster is good.
lancloseter.2019-06-20 11_07_26
Would have been a great flick.
lanwinner.2019-06-20 11_15_01
Winning strike.
lebogoal.2019-06-20 11_02_34
Ohhhhh Lebo Moloooootoooooo
papaclose.2019-06-20 11_05_10
Due had himself a game.
papaheader.2019-06-20 10_46_28
It’s all right, ’cause I’m saved by the bar.
pickenssave.2019-06-20 11_16_25
Pickens made a late save to preserve the win.
PKsave.2019-06-20 10_58_05
Love to save a penalty kick.
Gloria a dios
Riosflick.2019-06-20 10_22_49
This flick tho.
riosgoal-pressforfilm.2019-06-20 10_39_32
riosheader.2019-06-20 10_25_37
washninjaton.2019-06-20 10_52_03
Ninja clear, engage!

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